CDS & Miron Biophotonic Water

Miracle Products CDS Powder Is Fully Activated & Stabilized. No extra preparation required – just add to water.

CDS is the most effective water purification suitable for households, camping and traveling.

Miracle Products CDS tabs provide a method of generating chlorine dioxide free from undesirable by-products that occurs when mixing an activator into another solution MMS (sodium chlorite). CDS does not require on site activation prior to use, as the product is already completely activated and stabilized (unlike traditional MMS).

MMS, (known also as the Miracle Mineral Supplement) is sodium chlorite salt, that once activated with citric acid or hydrochloric acid becomes chlorine dioxide. CDS is approved for use in food processing in Australia, New Zealand and around the world; countries including the US, UK and EU.

Chlorine dioxide (CDS) is a gas that dissolves readily in water but does not react with water. Water solutions of chlorine dioxide are extremely powerful even at very low concentrations. Chlorine dioxide is effective against all microorganisms including algae, bacteria, bacterial spores, fungi, protozoa and viruses. CDS works by disrupting the functioning of the cell membrane. The mechanism is such that microorganisms cannot build up resistance to chlorine dioxide making it an extremely important compound in a world where many organisms are becoming resistant to conventional biocides and antibiotics.

CDS is an oxidising biocide that is 99.9% effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, algae, mites, parasites, biofilms and pathogenic organisms.

What is Biophotonics? 

Biophotonics is the scientific study of the relationship between light, energy and the human body. Placing emphasis on the importance of light and energy in sustaining life, the word itself comes from the Greek 'bios', meaning 'life', and 'phos', meaning 'light'.

What is Biophotonic Glass?

Biophotonic glass, also known as Miron or Violet glass, is a type of deeply purple coloured, almost opaque glass which is shown to be energised by light. Used since Ancient Egyptian times, Miron glass naturally filters the spectrum of visible sunlight, only allowing through Infra Red and UVA light, or violet light. Due to its natural ability to block light, Miron glass is exceptional for protecting precious contents from perishing in sunlight, increasing shelf life and the effectiveness of contents.

Chives stored in Miron glass remain fresh for months longer than any other type of glass. 

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking From Miron Glass?  

While Miron glass is used to preserve contents, it is now available for use as a water flask. Violet light has a higher frequency than any other form of light and is also the same frequency as the human nervous system. It can penetrate Miron glass, designed to energise its contents for the benefit of our health by preserving alkalinity and maintaining freshness.

Drinking water from a Miron glass bottle is perfect for supporting our general wellbeing by maintaining the natural energy our system needs. Once filled with water, your Miron flask can be charged in direct sunlight for about an hour to allow UV rays to penetrate the glass and energise the water.

Charge the water in your Miron flask for 1 hour in direct Sunlight and allow the solution to attain room temperature before adding the CDS powder. Once filled with CDS solution, it can be stored in the refrigerator.  

What is CDS? 

Chlorine Dioxide (CDS) is a fascinating substance, As soon as CDS comes into contact with acid it becomes unstable and releases nascent oxygen. It is important to understand that most unhealthy microorganisms are anaerobic (cannot not survive in an oxygen rich environment).  

Nascent definition: coming or having recently come into existence.

Nascent oxygen is a particularly potent oxidizing agent for anaerobic organisms because it is essentially a free radical seeking not one; but two electrons.

Chlorine dioxide is an oxidant and just like oxygen it supports the body and immune system while only targeting acid thriving pathogens. CDS selectively targets the anaerobic not the aerobic. It attracts to pathogens based on their acidity and electric charge. It bypasses good bacteria and goes directly to the unhealthy ones and because it is a gas, it is absorbed by the stomach and does not disturb the necessary bacteria in the intestines. It’s weaker that oxygen, while strong enough to go after all forms of pathogens; viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungus without harming healthy tissues and oxygen loving microorganisms. It surrounds pathogens and through the process of oxidation it electrically rips the pathogen apart by stealing the electrons.

When cells lose their oxygen, they are losing their pH and voltage at the same time. When cell voltage is low and oxygen decreases, pH becomes acidic and an increase of anaerobic bacteria occurs, as these micro organisms thrive in the low oxygen environment.

Wherever the body has low oxygen voltage will drop and the cells begin to have problems.

The lower the voltage (pH), the more serious the problems.

CDS is super oxygenating, soluble in water and does not create chemical bonds. This means that the gas can be dissolved entirely in water. Because of this property it can be used to safely and effectively purify water while completely deactivating viruses, bacteria, fungi, and some types of small parasites.

CDS stabilized powder creates a solution that has even been shown to neutralize many toxins, pesticides, herbicides, and pharmaceuticals that contaminate drinking water. As an added bonus, It can do all of that without producing any harmful organic compounds as occurs with nearly all other disinfectants.

It has many applications from the food and beverage industry where it is used as an antimicrobial agent for washing foods, cleaning produce, and disinfecting liquids. It's used in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry for contamination control and sterility. Hospitals, schools, and daycares use it as a sterilizing disinfectant to prevent dangerous pathogens like MRSA, corona virus, and mold spores.

Chlorine Dioxide vs Chlorine Bleach

The chemistry of CDS is vastly different to that of chlorine gas or sodium hypochlorite (bleach) the most commonly used water disinfecting agents. These compounds react with water to form hypochlorous acid which is the primary sanitising agent in conventional methods of “chlorine disinfection”. CDS remains effective over a wide pH range from about 4 to 10. This is in sharp contrast to chlorine which is only effective over a narrow pH range below about 7.5. The use of chlorine can result in the formation of many undesirable toxic chlorinated compounds including chloroform, chloramines and organochlorine compounds including dioxins.

It is well known that chlorination of water produces a number of undesirable by-products including trihalomethanes, haloacetic acids, chloral hydrate, chlorinated phenols and other chlorinated organic compounds. Together with chloramines, these compounds contribute to undesirable taste and odour associated with chlorinated drinking water. CDS can be added to drinking water treated with chlorine to remove many of these undesirable compounds thus improving the aesthetic quality of the water.

The term “chlorine dioxide” is misleading because chlorine is not the active element. Chlorine dioxide is an oxidizing, not a chlorinating agent. CDS penetrates the cell wall and reacts with amino acids in the cytoplasm within the cell, killing the microorganism. The by-product of this reaction is chlorite, which is harmless to humans.


An important property of CDS is its ability to eliminate biofilm. Biofilm is a film of slime produced by microorganisms on surfaces in contact with water. It consists of polymeric substances produced by aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, fungi and algae. Biofilm acts as a reservoir of microorganisms that is not removed or controlled by normal levels of chlorination. Even heavy doses of chlorine (super chlorination) often do not remove biofilm. The reason that CDS is so effective against biofilm is because it exists in solution as a dissolved gas; it does not react with water. The dissolved gas is able to diffuse into the biofilm where it can destroy the microorganisms responsible for the biofilm. Conventional biocides including chlorine are only able to affect the surface layers of biofilm. CDS is more effective than chlorine and chloramines at eliminating bioflim, deactivating viruses and controlling Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

Chlorine Dioxide is a greenish-yellow gas that readily dissolves in water.

Is Chlorine Dioxide Unstable?

Historically, the big problem with CDS was the instability of the product. Chlorine Dioxide had to be made and used immediately or the quality would deteriorate - Miracle Products provides CDS that is stabilised in a tablet form and solves this problem. To ensure effectiveness, once combined in water, it is best kept cool & out of direct sunlight when not in use, as the suspended chlorine dioxide molecule is active and sensitive to heat and direct sunlight.  

Health Benefits of CDS 

The extraordinary health benefits of CDS have been well documented and have even been supported by clinical trials. It has well earned its title, “The Universal Antidote”. For political reasons CDS can only be sold for water purification and all health related benefits have been suppressed. It is well known that disease thrives in an acidic body, so oxygenating and balancing pH is a key to longevity and good health. The amazing property of CDS is how it attracts directly to acid and immediately neutralizes acids.

CDS is considered a miracle cure by thousands of people across the planet because it has helped them cure their diseases; even diseases that are considered incurable by the Rockefeller Medicine industry. 

There has been a growing “word of mouth” movement of people using chlorine dioxide to self treat disease. They have been using CDS to cure a wide range of infectious diseases including antibiotic resistant bacterial infections, malaria, influenza, Candida, Lyme disease, hepatitis, HPV, HIV and more. Others have had some remarkable results relieving diseases such as arthritis, cancer, and other inflammatory diseases. One study shows inactivation of polio virus using CDS and iodine.

Chlorine dioxide is even being used medically for the treatment of cancer in France. French physician Laurent Schwartz has been treating patients using a protocol that includes chlorine dioxide. The literature can be reviewed at

Alcide Corporation and Frontier Pharmaceuticals filed a patent in 2017 that utilizes chlorine dioxide to cure cancer. In the patent information, they provide experimental research that was performed with mice that showed a complete tumor regression within 48 hours of injection. That's right! It killed cancer tumors in less than 48 hours.

Even honey bees love CDS! This study in the Journal of Econ Entomology showed increased longevity of honeybees with chlorine dioxide and sucrose.

Wound Healing  

CDS can be sprayed onto the skin to speed wound healing. Chlorine Dioxide has been shown to be remarkable for burns and any skin affliction. There are dozens of research papers that extol the benefits and safety of properly applied chlorine dioxide for human wound management and microbial control. In 2014, the Journal of Advances in Skin and Wound Care published an article that stated," Chlorine dioxide appears to be a safe biologically acceptable antiseptic wound irrigate that does not appear to interfere with cosmetic outcomes."

And from the international dentistry journal published in 2004 it states, "the effectiveness of topical chlorine dioxide (0.8%) in the management of chronic atrophic candidiasis was demonstrated. ClO2 provided a safe and clinically effective option."

And from the international dentistry journal published in 2004 it states, "the effectiveness of topical chlorine dioxide (0.8%) in the management of chronic atrophic candidiasis was demonstrated. ClO2 provided a safe and clinically effective option."

Herpes & Shingles  

We have witnessed astounding results with topical application of CDS to recover from herpes and or shingles outbreak. One customer in New Zealand complained of 6 months unbearable pain from shingles. He was taking 2 painkillers at a time, several times daily to manage his discomfort. The first day of applying CDS solution, via a spray bottle, provided immediate relief and no painkillers required. By day 4 he reported remaining pain free and for the first time in 6 months the lesions began to heal. Another individual had a herpes outbreak around and in the eyes. The solution was sprayed around and into the eyes for immediate relief and was cleared up within 3 days. 

Chlorine Dioxide for Flues - Viruses & COVID 19  

Clinical trials conducted in South America on hospital patients diagnosed with COVID-19 have been very revealing. In a recent trial, 100 patients with serious illness were cured within 48 hours with chlorine dioxide. These preliminary studies were carried out in the country of Ecuador by licensed physicians who were desperate to find a true solution for the COVID-19 patients that were dying by the hundreds.

One doctor first cured himself using chlorine dioxide and then after several other doctors recovered with chlorine dioxide, it was offered as an alternative treatment with consent to severe cases.

All 100 patients that participated had significant improvement within 48 hours and achieved a complete recovery. This preliminary study was carried out with the assistance of biophysicist Andreas Kalcker who has been a longtime advocate of chlorine dioxide and speaks internationally on the subject.

CDS Inactivates Spike Proteins   

Japanese researchers have confirmed that chlorine dioxide is a safe and effective agent against Covid-19. CDS prevents SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins from binding to human receptors 

A new study shows that CDS prevents the binding of spike proteins.

An article published on 06/18/21 in the Annals of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics explains how CDS blocks spike proteins associated with SARS-CoV-2, which are believed to bind to human receptors enabling disease to develop.

The team conducted in vitro experiments using the British and South African “variants” of COVID. This study applied spike protein to a microtiter plate that was treated with chlorine dioxide solution or chlorine dioxide spray solution. In conclusion of their testing, they found that CDS actually inactivated the binding of COVID variants of spike proteins to the human ACE2 receptor protein, “suggesting that this strategy may be useful in blocking the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 variants.”

 “The strong disinfecting effect of CD (chlorine dioxide) against microbes is due to its strong oxidizing effect against proteins,” the study explains. “In addition, safe and allowable concentrations of CD are well documented.”

These studies confirm that taking CDS regularly could provide a shield against spike protein damage that leads to heart inflammation or worse in some people.

More studies are likely needed to determine if this is true for people who have received the mRNA injections (Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna), as these injections program human cells to continually produce spike proteins.

Since chlorine dioxide has been proven to be a safe and effective remedy for a variety of ailments, there’s no reason why it is not offered as an option in the treatment against COVID.

Just like Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), we must ask why government regulators prevent us from using CDS to prevent and treat COVID. There are so many wonderful health benefits in using CDS that it seems criminal not to give people open access to it. Fortunately for us, it is not a prescription drug like hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, so it does remain available as a water purifier and disinfectant.

CDS Protects From “Shedding”

Since it is now known that the variants are spread by the “vaccines” and thus also by the “vaccinated” through “shedding”, CDS could help the “unvaccinated” protect themselves against infection. It may also be useful in helping the vaccinated and those who test “positive” to rid themselves of spike proteins.  

CDS Clears Graphene Oxide & Nano Materials 

Dr. Andreas Kalcker and his colleagues confirm that grapheme oxide and magnetite (nanomaterial) have been found in all vaccines of every brand. Ferritin is an oxi-reducer that balances iron levels in the body. Graphene oxide wreaks havoc because it functions as a catalyst between the ferritin and the gene; it makes the ferritin have an iron absorbance capacity; it begins to 'steal’ iron from the blood cells. Without enough iron in the blood cells we have a blood clot.

CDS reduces the magnetism that graphene oxide has caused in people. Oxidized graphene becomes magnetic when it comes into contact with hydrogen. Dr. Kalcker explains that with CDS there are chemical reactions that increase oxygen and reduce these destructive processes and therefore the patients recover.

CDS reduces graphene oxide!

Dr. Andreas Kalcker: “We have seen that COMUSAV doctors - an institution that's in 23 countries in the world, already, and that counts with more than 5,000 doctors who're using CDS - are reporting to us that the vaccine-damaged patients who are being treated with CDS are actually recovering. For example, in Bolivia, we saw, compared to last year, a reduction to 0 or 2 deaths per day in the whole country after allowing the use of CDS.”

Dr. Andreas Kalcker: “The problem is that we have seen that many of the vaccinated people get sick soon after they take the shot. Because it isn't a vaccine. This thing that is being called a vaccine really isn't a vaccine. It's a genetic experiment that causes your own body to be creating the Spike proteins. That's the part of the vaccine that actually hurts you.”

Dr. Andreas Kalcker on how CDS helps reduce magnetism induced by graphene oxide - ORWELL CITY 

CDS prevents the binding of spike proteins! 

Graphene Oxide Nano Materials & Mind Control

A March 30th, 2021 press release published by reveals this story: INBRAIN Neuroelectronics Secures $17 Million In Series A Funding For First AI-Powered Graphene-Brain Interface.

So-called “fact-checkers” routinely claim that graphene is not found in vaccines and that graphene biocircuits are a conspiracy theory. INBRAIN Neuroelectronics shows that the fact checkers are lying. In fact, as INBRAIN says in their own press release, they are, “aiming to establish the safety of graphene as the new standard of care for neurotechnology devices.” They also describe graphene biocircuits as a kind of platform that can be upgraded:

“Less invasive and more intelligent neuroelectronic technologies like ours could provide safer therapies that are upgradable and adaptive in real time…”

Even Moderna, creator of the mRNA covid ‘vaccine’, has described its technology as an “operating system” that can be updated and reprogrammed at any time.

At the INBRAIN Neuroelectronics website, the company describes itself:

We are scientists, doctors, techies and humanity lovers, with the mission of building neuroelectronic interfaces to cure brain disorders. We use GRAPHENE, the thinnest material known to man to build the new generation of neural interfaces for brain restoration to help patients around the world.

The company highlights its technology as being able to “read” a person’s brain, detect specific neurological patterns, and then control that person’s neurology to alter their brain function.

In their own words: “Our graphene-brain interfaces have the capability of reading at a resolution never seen before, as well as detecting therapy-specific biomarkers and triggering highly focal adaptive neuromodulation for increased outcomes in personalised neurological therapies.”

Graphene is absolutely being used to control human neurology in modern neuroscience.

It is not being stated that INBRAIN Neuroelectronics is directly involved in any sort of nefarious agenda, or that they are involved in COVID vaccines. As with any technology, graphene-based biocircuits can be used for either good or evil, pending the ethics and motivations of those who control the technology.

As reported by a group called La Quinta Columna, who has analyzed COVID vaccines, has found that 98% to 99% of the non-liquid mass in the vaccine appears to be graphene oxide. Ricardo Delgado, speaking for La Quinta Columna, says: “So, once we conducted that basic epidemiological study, we started to wonder what materials or nanomaterials can cause magnetism in the body. And not only magnetism, but that could act as energy capacitors, because I have also measured in a multimeter an important charge…

This is a phenomenon of electromagnetic induction in the metal that adheres near the inoculation area. In addition, we have found that the magnetism then moves towards the head, which obviously is very important if one desires to control brain activity.

In addition, a potential difference is measured with a multimeter: the person becomes a superconductor. That is, it emits and receives signals. And when we found the materials that can cause this type of alterations in the body, we began to talk about graphene. We suspected it was graphene oxide since it had all the characteristics that magnetized people expressed after inoculation.

Graphene is toxic, it is a chemical, a toxic chemical agent. Introduced in the organism in large quantities, it causes blood clots. We have all the scientific articles to back it up. It causes post inflammatory syndrome, it causes alteration of the immune system.

And when the redox balance is broken, in the sense that there is less of the body’s own reserve glutathione than an introduced toxicant such as graphene oxide, it generates a collapse of the immune system and a cytokine storm.

I find it so interesting that this sounds exactly like COVID and all of

 the subsequent variants!

Safety Studies

Efficacy and Safety Evaluation of a Chlorine Dioxide Solution (2017). The mice were fed drinking water containing up to 40 ppm CDS for 90 days; the concentration showed no toxicity in the sub-chronic orally toxicity test. A 50 ppm solution did not cause eye irradiation in an ocular irritation test. 

  CDS is non-hazardous according to the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals, 3rd Revised Edition -Australia

CDS is approved for disinfection of drinking water in Australia (National Water Quality Management Strategy, Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 6, 2004, National Health and Medical Research Council).

When chlorine dioxide is used appropriately in the minuscule quantities required to eliminate pathogen's and benefit human health, it's totally safe. The EPA has set the maximum concentration in drinking water at 0.8 milligrams per liter (mg/L) for chlorine dioxide. Many people have used significantly higher concentrations of CDS solution over extended periods of time with no adverse reactions. Studies confirm excellent results at pathogen elimination even at 1 ppm. We however have found that a 40 ppm solution is profoundly effective to reverse disease and does not require a higher concentration to achieve results. I encourage you to begin CDS at the suggested amount and gradually increase the number of glasses consumed daily at your body’s unique tolerance.

Most people do not experience uncomfortable detox symptoms (Herxheimer Reaction) at a 40 ppm solution – even with several glasses a day - but always start with 1 glass daily and gradually increase. At 40 ppm solution, the body is clearing toxins at an easy rate, however if your body is extremely burdened by pathogens you may still feel temporary discomfort and this is a positive sign of detox.

It is important to realize that unless your body can relieve its toxic burden, healing is not possible. Disease does not occur “all of a sudden”, it is the eventual outcome of a body burdened by toxins that it can no longer cope with.

Herxheimer Reaction

The Herxheimer Reaction is a short-term (from days to a few weeks) detoxification reaction in the body. As the body detoxifies, it is not uncommon to experience flu like symptoms including headache, joint and muscle pain, body aches, sore throat, general malaise, sweating, chills, nausea, or other symptoms. This is a normal and even healthy healing response.   

Industrial Use For CDS

Due to the safe track record of CDS, it is used widely as a water purifier and is being used as a safe decontaminant in many industries including the food and beverage, medical, agricultural, pharmaceutical, and sanitation. Any place where you need to kill all of the bacteria, fungus, and viruses’ chlorine dioxide is becoming known as the safest and most effective choice available. Chlorine dioxide was used to safely sterilize the senate offices after an anthrax attack in Washington DC in 2001 and it has been used to safely clean up Ebola virus hot zones. When used appropriately, chlorine dioxide is safe and is one of the few chemicals that does not harm the environment.

One of the main reasons why chlorine dioxide is replacing chlorine bleach in many water treatment facilities is because its byproducts do not react with organic compounds in the same way as chlorine bleach. The byproducts of chlorine dioxide are safe and not harmful for human consumption. Safety studies performed since the 1970s have shown that chlorine dioxide when used appropriately is safe for human consumption. More recent animal studies have also helped to identify safe levels of chlorine dioxide for oral and inhalation use.

If enough people demand that CDS be used in municipal water purification systems then we can help create healthy, safe and beneficial water available for everyday use. Imagine having a shower in purified CDS water, free from chlorine bleach and fluoride while actually assisting you to heal! 

Directions for Making CDS Solution  

Charge the water in your Miron flask for 1 hour in direct Sunlight and allow the solution to attain room temperature before adding the CDS powder. Once filled with CDS solution, it can be stored in the refrigerator.

1. To make the 40 ppm solution, add 1 tab CDS into 1 Litre of water.

2. First time users - begin with 1 TBLS of the mixed solution in a glass of water.

3. The number of glasses consumed throughout the day can be gradually increased – let your body guide you.

4. Do not use metal containers! Metal containers react with CDS as they oxidize (rust). This includes stainless steel, as it is an alloy that contains various metals, such as nickel and chrome. Glass is the best option, HDPE plastics are also OK.

Foods & Beverages to Avoid 

For ½ hour before or 2 hours after drinking the CDS solution it is suggested to avoid alcohol, chocolate, coffee, decaffeinated coffee, caffeinated drinks, tea (black, green and many herbal teas) milk, coconut water, orange juice, tangerine juice or any drinks with added Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Vitamin C that is naturally found in fruits (Camu Camu, apples etc) and vegetables in moderate amounts do not interfere. Natural juices are OK to use if they do not have harmful preservatives and/or added Vitamin C (added vitamin C is synthetic, also known as ascorbic acid), as this will cancel out the effectiveness of CDS. It is further suggested to avoid foods and supplements that have exceptionally high amounts of antioxidants such as moringa and zinc.

Vitamin C vs Ascorbic Acid

2 Hour Protocol for Acute Or Chronic Issues

Take 1 TBSP liquid CDS solution in 60ml water every 15 min for 2 hours.

Repeat daily until desired results

Spraying Onto Skin

For topical application use the solution full strength (40 ppm) in a spray bottle. If the spray bottle is plastic ensure that is HDPE quality and only decanting the amount that will be used within a few days. Spray directly to the skin in case of wounds, burns, herpes, shingles or other skin problems. The solution should not cause stinging or burning, rather it relieves pain and helps stop bleeding. Application can be repeated several times a day (even once an hour).

CDS Solution For Teeth & Gums

Add 1 TBLS CDS solution in 60 ml of water. Brush both your gums and your teeth with this mixture for at least two minutes. Pour some of the liquid over the toothbrush 3 or 4 times while brushing. For a number of years, people around the world have been successfully using CDS to keep their oral health and overcome various teeth and gum infections. 

Note: If you have amalgam fillings, you do not have to worry about mercury leaching out of your teeth.

Fruit & Veggie Wash

Add 1 TBLS CDS solution into a glass or plastic bowl to wash fruits & veggies. Decontamination of Microorganisms and Pesticides from Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: A Comprehensive Review from Common Household Processes to Modern Techniques. 

Special Note: Humidity will pre-activate the powder.


CDS is an easy to use, extraordinary compound that covers such a vast array of benefits. It is certainly a great asset to support our daily detox. Remember, when the body can reduce its toxic load, increase oxygen and hydration your pH is balancing! Which is essential to your survival. To maintain a happy healthy body, we are also wise to ensure we are getting adequate minerals and electrolytes. Consider LifeForce fx.

Dramatically improving your body’s healing power has never been easier.

In the Universal Antidote Video Repository, you can find chlorine dioxide videos including documentaries, testimonials, and instructional information.

Dr Andreas Kalcker provides an excellent resource for Questions & Answers.

COMUSAV is a non-profit group of thousands of doctors, therapists, researchers, and health professionals who are helping others and working with chlorine dioxide solution.


Disease has become a multibillion dollar industry that is highly regulated. Doctors are controlled by laws limiting their approach to dealing with patients and many lose their license to practice medicine if they engage in natural remedies and non-approved approaches. Medical doctors generally do not receive formal training in nutrition, nor are they formally educated in natural complementary approaches to healing. If the health care system and regulatory organizations was truly in place for your health and well being, you might ask, why are nontoxic known “cures” shunned and withheld from YOU by your medical professional?  

Doctors can not cure your disease.

Only your immune system can cure your disease.

I encourage you to investigate and do your own research - because you are the expert when it comes to knowing your own body. It is my sincere hope that the information provided here will empower you to use methods that strengthen your immune system and support your well being. It is your body – it is your choice. Do not allow anyone to tell you what is right for you, your body and your health – let your heart decide – does it feel right.  Remember, you are the boss of you!