Miron Violet Glass & its Four Exclusive Characteristics

Even though Violet glass has a long history, dating back to ancient Egypt for storing water, oils, and medicines, it is considerably recent that the property of this special glass is once again esteemed.

Miron Violet glass is the only kind of glass to possess 4 exclusive characteristics:

#1 Protects Contents From Harmful Light Frequencies

We all understand that sunlight is responsible for creating life and enables plants to grow through photosynthesis. However, after harvest the effect of solar radiation on food and medicine accelerates the decomposition process. 

Miron violet glass provides an antioxidant effect by blocking out damaging rays in the mid-range of 420-750 nanometers. This effect protects and preserves contents.  

#2 Only Beneficial Light Frequencies Can Penetrate

Beyond the colours visible to human eyes are the far-infrared and ultraviolet spectrums of invisible light. These frequencies are proven to be therapeutic and are the basis for numerous health restoring treatments and water purification. 

Through Miron Violet glass, light in the extreme range of 380-420 nanometers (violet and UVA) can penetrate. These spectrums of light will in fact enhance organic material. 

#3 It Preserves Biophotons

According to Biophotonic research, the quality of foods and medicines are more aptly measured by the number of biophotons they contain, as opposed to caloric levels which are rather meaningless. When we eat plant foods, the light waves or photons, in the plants are taken in and stored by your body. 

When certain substances rich in biophotons are sealed in Miron Violet glass, their energy potential is enriched and kept in optimal conditions for longer periods of time. Laboratory testing on foods such as tomatoes, chives, carrots, honey and more, show that when certain products are stored in Miron Violet glass, they are more likely to maintain their distinctive qualities and freshness, even up to a number of years in some cases.

#4 Enhances Violet Ray Life Force Energy

One of the primary functions of Miron Violet glass is to capture the vital essences of natural elements. According to Oriental practices, such as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the colour violet represents the harmony of the universe due to the combination of red and blue denoted as Yin and Yang.Yang represents solar (sun) power and outgoing energy, while Yin represents the lunar (moon) force and incoming receptivity. 

The numinous union of these two opposites makes it possible for energy to flow between the top and bottom of the bottle creating a light flow of energy – similar to how a magnet creates energy.Different colours of the rainbow emit their corresponding vibrations which influence emotions.  

The violet vibration harmonizes with bodily rhythms and plays a vital role in balancing the inter-relationship between body function and structure by matching the frequency of the central nervous system. In this way, Miron Violet glass stimulates a positive feeling and sense of well-being for its user. 

Ancient people understood that the “Violet Ray” is the 7D current which creates the ultraviolet Magnetosphere of earth and holds the magnetic instruction set for the entire planet. 

This violet colour wave spectrum of frequency is transmitted through our Crown chakra providing a harmonic state of composure.This is the blueprint for creation, as all life, including the cells in our body are formed by this magnetic instruction. 

Violet light, in all its manifestations, has specific qualities that we can utilize.One aspect of the 7th ray is divine alchemy and this beautiful Miron Violet Glass flask allows us to engage this amazing science in our daily lives.

As our personal, collective and planetary consciousness raises frequency, the material world, including our physical bodies, also becomes less dense as frequency increases. The violet colour wave spectrum of frequency is transmitted through our Crown chakra providing a harmonic state of composure. 

All rays culminate in the 7th Ray - known as the Freedom Plane.Drinking water from Miron Violet Glass that has been charged in sunlight is a great way to amplify and increase your frequency! 

Miron Violet glass is specially designed for structuring less than excellent water and recreating ideal conditions for living substances. 

How to use: 

Simply position your Miron Violet flask filled with water in direct Sunlight for one hour or even days to receive the uplifting energies. The difference in taste and effect will be notable because of the improved structure.