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Miracle Products Testimonial

Your products of CDS and Bluezone have been life changing, I was exposed and poisoned as a child born in Solomon Islands where they sprayed DDT regularly.

The experience I had when taking Bluezone for first 6 months was like no other. I had insomnia and CPTSD for many years and the Bluezone shifted so much of what my brain was struggling with whenever trying to sleep.  I felt for the first time so calm and like I was in my own little soothing world, I no longer felt constantly anxious and overwhelmed mentally, and also found the combo of ashwaghanda (which is a nightshade I have since discovered) and Bluezone within the hour of each other had even more impact on actually falling asleep.  Dreams from Bluezone became clearer, my mind was so calm, I was waking up no longer in CPTSD from the Bluezone also. 

The CDS protocol I do daily when in flare up of crohns and it’s noticeably a lot easier to get through the day.

The MSM has improved circulation to my digestive system combined with Camu Camu. 

I couldn’t stomach other MSM’s! Yours is unbelievable and much easier and clean to consume, the taste of yours does not bother me. 

My last flare up was a very hard one that took months to get past bleeding (all this stuff going on had made it an on going battle to overcome - but I stick to my miracle products routine to get through), CDS elevated a lot of pain during the flare ups, I noticed bleeding was less when taking protocol daily.  

So with NAC - I was able to try out - has helped me post the flare up in recovery.  My digestive system basically stopped working and I couldn’t figure out what the he’ll to do. I was genuinely really afraid as it felt paralysed.  But the NAC within a day drastically improved, I was genuinely concerned for how I was going to get past this, I take it in combo near when I take MSM & Camu Camu and that makes it even better! 

 I brought up the NAC because as one of your customers who has tried every product and consistently uses many of them, I’d certainly buy it from you over anywhere else. I trust your products fully. I understand you have your hands full, so not meaning ti be disrespectful in any way to what you offer, I am not your usual average self healer lol, I’ve walked through literal hell and fought hard to avoid surgery and medications in 2013 from systems of disease management, I am only starting yo tell my story more widely now because it’s taken a lot to recover from things but I’ve relied fully upon what your products to get me through and I praise you guys to anyone who would listen because I am deeply grateful for what you do for us all. 

 I have been using your excellent nascent iodine for years also - I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism years ago but I don’t have any of the symptoms I had since steadily using your iodine for years.  

I listened to the story about the two dogs and brown snake and Bluezone, I cried. It also saved my dogs life a while back, he was on deaths door and I did Bluezone and within 2 days he was back being his usual menice self, he was a 17 year old kelpie and the Bluezone gave him another 1.5 months with us before he did pass but the results were incredible, it blew us away seeing that too and getting a bit more time to spend with him. 


Blessings and thank you for what you guys do. I’d not make it without what you guys do.  It’s been a hard road but I can always find the stability of miracles through you guys.