Nascent Iodine FAQ's

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Question: How much of the Nascent Iodine should I take?

Answer: One drop of 2% Nascent Iodine equals .4mg, or 2X the recommended daily allowance for the average person. If you are iodine deficient and looking to increase the iodine in your body, then you may want to take more, perhaps 3 to 5 drops per day.

Question: How should I take this product?

Answer: This iodine seems to work best on an empty stomach. It is also best to divide up the amount, taking it a few times during the day, rather than all at once. Many people find that taking it before breakfast, midmorning, and mid-afternoon is most effective. Some find that taking it in the evening interferes with their sleep. Please be aware that wakefulness may be the result of taking Nascent Iodine in the late afternoon or evening.

Question: Can you tell me how much to take for a particular illness?

Answer: We do not have any medical personnel on staff, and cannot give medical advice. Contact your health care provider with questions about this preferably a provider with a holistic philosophy. We will be happy to discuss with them the information that other health care providers are reporting to us.

Question: How much Magnascent Iodine equals 50 mg of iodine?

Answer: We do not recommend anyone take 50 mg of our iodine during a day unless directed by their healthcare provider in a controlled situation. Nascent Iodine is active in the nascent state which is unlike any other type of iodine. When authors recommend 50 mg. as a daily dose of iodine, they are referring to iodine that is usually in the form of Lugols’s liquid or a solid adaptation of Lugol’s. Nascent Iodine is much more active than these other types, and therefore only a fraction would give the same affect at the 50 mg of Lugol’s. Work with your health care provider to build up the amount of Magnascent Iodine you are using gradually, in order to know how it is affecting your body.

Question: What side effects can I expect?

Answer: One of the most common side effects occurs in the first two or three days of heavy use of Nascent Iodine, and that is a very mild headache. This usually goes away with the first two or three days, and often there is a report that “brain fog” clears up with this use. Nascent Iodine supplies iodine to the thyroid in a way that is very easy to be utilized by the thyroid, and many people report that they feel results right away.

Question: Should I worry about taking too much?

Answer: As with all supplements, there is the possibility of introducing too much into the body, to fast. Some physicians believe that iodine washes out of the body when not utilized after the first 24 hours. Dr. Brownstein’s book, "Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It", goes into great detail about how much iodine can be taken into the body, and how much is “too much”. Please consult your health care provider. Since we are all individuals, one size doesn’t really fit all.Dr. Roth of Fridley states: “Normally iodine is found as 2 molecules of iodine paired (stuck) together and this is called “I2”. This form of iodine is difficult for the body to process and use correctly. As a result doctors in that past have used potassium iodide in combination with I2 to supplement iodine with some success. In fact iodized salt is table salt in which potassium iodide is added in small amounts. The problem with potassium iodide is that it can cause an inflammation in the thyroid known as thyroiditis. Many doctors are reluctant to supplement with iodine due to this risk. It is however clear to all doctors that there is an epidemic of iodine deficiency throughout the world and in fact iodine deficiency is the leading cause of mental retardation in the world. America is no exception regarding iodine deficiency. Many Americans avoid salt or are using natural salts that do not contain extra iodine. The soils in which plants are grown are deficient in iodine leaving our foods depleted in this essential nutrient.The word “nascent” means newborn. Nascent iodine is a special form of iodine that is made by taking molecular iodine, I2 and exposing it to a strong magnetic field. This separates the iodine into individual atoms that enter into the body and are used very easily. This form of iodine does not cause congestion in the thyroid gland like other forms of iodine and because it is very bio-available, you will only need to take it in small amounts. The body can easily eliminate this form of iodine through the kidneys if you take more than your body needs and it is not toxic. It takes about 4-6 months for your body to be fully nourished with this iodine, and the iodine should be continued after this at the same dose.Iodine helps to kill pathogenic (“bad”) bacteria and yeasts in your system and because of this it is advisable to start with a small dose of the iodine and to gradually increase in order to avoid a “detox” reaction. Detox reactions occur when these bad germs die suddenly and are released into the bloodstream causing such symptoms as headache, fatigue and nausea. If you get a detox reaction it is harmless and all you will need to do is to stop the iodine for one day and to increase your water intake for a day or two, then resume the iodine at a smaller dose for a few days before increasing it again.”