About Us

The journey in research and the development of our flagship product Miracle Mist began out of necessity. In 1988 our Alchemist, Alyce sustained a spinal injury crushing the 5th cervical vertebra and underwent a spinal discectomy and fusion. Following this injury was intermittent bouts of paralysis in one, or sometimes both arms with unrelenting neuralgic pain. The current medical understanding and methods only offered medication as a remedy and solution following the surgery. I have heard it said that “necessity is the mother of invention” and this was certainly true for her. Thus began 25 years of studies in natural healing methods and pain relief. 

Then, in 2010 Alyce Harms, sustained a serious bicycle accident; within the year she began to once again experience neuralgia and bouts of paralysis. An x-ray revealed that bone spurs were growing through the nerve paths; obviously, the agitation from the fall irritated the old injury site as the symptoms were precisely as they had been so many years before. The corrective solution offered was another surgery to cut off the excess bone growth. The first surgery did not go well and she decided then and there that another surgery was out of the question. From her years of study, Alyce recalled the significance of magnesium in resolving calcium build up and for proper distribution in the body. They (Larry & Alyce; partners in life & business) began searching for the most bio-available and purest form of magnesium available. The 99.9% pure magnesium chloride harvested from beneath the Dead Sea fit all the parameters they were looking for, they began experimentation to determine the most effective concentration level. 

Another discovery revealed that adding MSM (an organic sulphur compound) improved absorption while adding additional benefits of pain relief, whole body anti-inflammatory as well as a digestive aid. The real miracle in their formula manifested when they utilized their scalar vortex generator to imbue the formula with a 528 Hz frequency. Within a week of using this formula Alyce broke out in large welts across the back of her neck and running down the exact nerve path in both arms where she was experiencing the neuralgic pain. She realized this was a detox response and within days of continued use the bouts of paralysis were becoming less frequent and the unrelenting pain was becoming manageable. It took about 5 weeks before the weeping welts on the back of her neck and arms disappeared, and after 3 months of 2X daily use of the Miracle Mist all symptoms of paralysis and neuralgia vanished leaving her with an even better range of motion in her neck than she had prior the bicycle accident! 

"From Alyce’s recovery we realized that the Miracle Mist formula was truly extraordinary and began sharing the Miracle Mist with friends and family. The response was astounding; they were resolving all sorts of health issues from pain, insomnia, headaches, anxiety and even whiter teeth! Their encouragement inspired us to expand our product range and take our formula to market. It is with absolute confidence that we offer you our Miracle Products!" - Larry Ferguson, Business Operations & Co-Owner of Miracle Products 

Commitment to integrity is the driving force behind Miracle Products. Providing products that can transform and improve the lives of people and the environment is the central focus for continued research and development. We place an ardent emphasis on education, empowerment and wellness devices to reclaim vitality. This integrative, natural health approach encompasses the latest in longevity research and breakthroughs in energy medicine. We believe that given the right information people will make choices that support and restore their personal health and that of our planet too.

Please let us know if you've had success with any of our products! Not only is it inspiring for others who are taking health into their own hands, but by sharing your experience, we are able to help more people than ever before!