Camu Camu 

“When I was recently sick with shingles, I took both the Magnascent Iodine (in the morning) and Camu Camu (at night) and found them to be very helpful with my recovery. I also applied the Iodine to the rash during the early stages which helped dry it out and reduce the itchiness. I later applied Fixaderm which helped the rash to heal and minimised the scarring. I was very impressed with how quickly it worked. This was a great result and best of all it was all natural.” – Janine, Hawthorne Brisbane Qld

“My name is Jodie and I have fibromyalgia, a chronic pain disorder that effects every muscle in my entire body. I have suffered with this condition for the past 17 years and have tried what feels like everything; all of the treatments & supplements had little or no effect (I’ve spent a fortune too!). I’ve been taking Miracle Products MSM and Camu Camu for well over 12 months now and it has changed my life! My pain threshold would normally, on an average day, be at 7/10 and increase to an 8 or a 9 during busy & stressful times. Being in constant pain reduced my quality of life and my enjoyment. But now my pain is completely manageable, at no more than a 3/10; some days I don’t even notice it and feel normal. I also have boundless energy, sleep better and my immune system is thriving. I would highly recommend Miracle Products to anyone who has a condition or is looking to improve their health.” Jodie Mazzei – VIC