TranZinc: Anelectric Infrared Crystalline Formula

Zinc is necessary for immune function and is remarkable for combating infection wound healing and the breakdown of carbohydrates. Zinc is also needed for the  senses of smell and taste. During pregnancy, infancy, and childhood the body needs zinc to grow and develop properly. 

Every drop of TranZinc contains a pure Zinc-Boron crystal which is absorbed through the skin into the blood. TranZinc is a miraculous, all-natural treatment that  provides healing and relief when applied to desired areas of the body. As a liquid,  it absorbs directly into the skin and penetrates deeply to eradicate unwanted  pathogens; bacteria, fungus, viruses and parasites. 

Dr. L.E. Schweitzer was an inspired chemist who created the original formula as amineral biological toxic. This means that it is a mineral formula that has beenprepared in such a way as to have the effect of destroying gram-positive oranaerobic organisms, such as infectious bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungus.This formula has been sold throughout the world since early 1900’s and it is not adrug or synthetic petrochemical. 


Recognized as a natural andholistic solution that providesblood purification, treatingburns, acne, scarring andrashes and many other usesincluding: feminine hygiene,athlete's foot, ulcers andvaricose veins.  

This wonderful mineral product provides a simple and effective multi-purpose health solution to various ailments. It was medically administered by doctors as a disinfectant to treat chronic infections, strengthen the immune system while helping to regulate the heart, brain, kidneys, and other important organs.

TranZinc is a time tested formula produced according to the  original crystalline method.  

Zinc is widely used to help reduce the duration of colds and harmful bacteria likestreptococci. It is also used as a wound agent to promote accelerated healing on theskin.  

TranZinc Healing Solution

♦ Repairs damaged skin

♦ Acne & Skin eruptions

♦ Reduces Scars

♦ Eczema & Psoriasis

♦ Eliminates germs

♦ Purifies bloodstream

♦ Balances pH

♦ Sore Throat

♦ Stomach Ulcers

♦ Ulcers

♦ Varicose Veins

♦ Boosts Immunity

♦ Eye issues

♦ Athlete’s foot

♦ Hemorrhoids

♦ Gum Problems &

Oral Care

♦ Ear Problems

♦ Soothes Burns &


♦ Rashes, Hives, Poison


♦ Insect Bites

♦ Nail Fungus

♦ Bruises

♦ Yeast Infection

♦ Venereal Disease

How Does TranZinc Work?

TranZinc Crystalline Formula is anelectric; meaning it generatescaused by negative ions travelling at the speed of light. These are infra-redheat non-frictional betionic, wetelectrons. TranZinc is a true osmotic solution. This is the secret of the amazing healing andpreventative powers of the TranZincformula.

A Multipurpose Healing Solution

It is a universal disinfectant which controls microorganisms (germs) but does not destroy normal cells and tissue. Known as a universal solvent which helps to thin and purify the bloodstream; yet non-toxic, non-irritating and soothing to delicate mucus membranes. It has been proven to stimulate tissue growth and assists nature in restoring normal function. It is the original transdermal formula; a truly miraculous solution that can provide healing and relief when applied onto the skin and/or used internally

TranZinc Formula

is a proprietary crystalline form of

zinc/boron/s licylate

suspended in distilled water

Depression? Think Zinc!

A very important trace mineral involved in at least 100enzyme systems in the brain alone; is known to influence mental and emotionalfunction and deficiency is known to causedepression.

Formulated With Three Essential Trace Elements

Zinc: A fundamental nutrient in supporting properneurological as well as body functions, and present in all human cells andtissues, Zinc is required to manufacture enzymes that preserve the skin,strengthen the immune system, aids digestion, metabolizes fat, proteins, andcarbohydrates while helping to regulate the heart, brain, kidneys, and otherimportant organs. Zinc is needed for immune function, wound healing, bloodclotting, thyroid function, and muchmore.


Boron: Due to soil depletion this trace mineral is largely missing from ournatural food sources. This trace mineral has been linked to providing relieffrom pain and is used medically to help alleviate arthritic symptoms likeinflammation and immobility. It has been found to have the ability tostrengthen bone density and is given to help sufferers of osteoporosis.Conversely, lack of boron has been linked to receding of the gum lines andtooth decay. Medical experts believe that boron has the ability to preventallergies by killing the inflammatory bodies responsible for inducing allergicsymptoms.


Salicylate: This is a naturally occurring chemical produced by plants that helpto protect them against disease, highly concentrated in a range of fruits andvegetables and is commonly known as the active ingredient in the drug aspirin.Foods sources rich in salicylate are peppers, berries, tomatoes and basil.Salicylate has been documented to provide relief from pain and injury, as wellas reduce fever and skininflammation.

TranZinc is Formulated and bottled in Australia!

How to Use TranZinc:

Do Not Let The Formula Come In Contact With Metal. Make sure to use glass or plastic for pouring and/or measuring.

TranZinc will lose about 95% of its healing propertiesif it comes into contact with metal so plastic spoons, and also remember totake your rings off when rubbing it onto your body.

Transdermal Technology Splash It On!

When used externally it soothes burns, cuts, blisters, rashes, hives, poison ivy, insect bites, eczema, psoriasis, nail fungus, athletes foot etc. It also repairs damaged skin such as scarring and acne. Plus it underarm odour, so spray it under your arms. Reduces varicose veins, bruises, hemorrhoids, and takes the sting out of sunburns.

Every drop of the liquid contains a pure zinc-boron-salicylate crystal, which is absorbed through the skin into the blood and tissue. There are thousands of pores on every square centimetre of your skin which absorb directly into the bloodstream and lymphatic system. Transdermal applications of nutrients bypass the digestive system and convey active ingredients directly into the body where they are needed most.

Internal Uses:

For internal use, start with just 1 tsp. in a small amount of water.

Make sure to use glass or plastic for pouring and/or measuring, NO METAL.

TranZinc will lose about 95% of its healing propertiesif it comes into contact with metal so pour directly into a glass and add wateror use a plastic or wooden spoon.

TranZinc can be used internally as a mouthwash,ease  earaches,  feminine hygiene as a douche, digestive disorders, venereal diseases, purifyingblood and normalizing pHbalance.

We have found it’s best to dilute TranZinc with distilled water when using this as a mouthwash, feminine wash or taking it internally.

TranZinc Formula Is 100% Natural and Recognized As:

1. Universal Disinfectant - controls microbes, but does not destroy normal cells and tissue.

2. Universal Solvent - helps to purify the bloodstream.

3. It is non-irritating to delicate mucous membranes, and it assists in soothing these membranes. It penetrates each layer of skin to eradicate unwanted micro- organisms.

4. It is non-toxic and odourless. It works as a deodorant, alkalizes, assists nature to restore normal function.

5. It is pH balancing, anti-inflammatory, improves detoxification of cells and tissues.

TranZinc Formula Is a Historical Remedy

TranZinc Formula was known early in the 20th century asa mineral biological toxic; meaning that it is a mineral formula prepared insuch a way as to have the effect of destroying gram-positive or anaerobicorganisms, such as infectious bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungus withoutharming healthy tissues.

Stops Unhealthy Germs Without Causing Mutations

Doctors know that antiseptics and antibiotics kill germs and healthy cells of the human body, resulting in new unhealthy germs, which the antibiotics cannot kill. There is a widespread acceptance of Biological Pleomorphism, which is the activity of a germ changing to a new form, to adapt to its new environment. Thus, when one changes the cellular environment with antibiotics, new germs develop in new qualities and virulence that increase the problem. In addition, because the healthy cells of the body are killed and depleted, as well as the unhealthy ones, important healthy flora levels are depleted, causing repeated infections to become more likely.

TranZinc Formula

stops the growth of anaerobic bacteria, fungi and viruses because it is a true disinfectant!

Increases Capillary Growth

Laboratory analysis indicated a positive increase in phagocytic cell activity in destruction of bacteria and other foreign substances, without any harm to surrounding tissue. Increases in fibroblastic and lymphocytic activity with increased epithelial cell growth, resulting in rapid healing of injured tissue, has also been observed.

Rejuvenation & Beautification Effects

TranZincformulaaidsintherebuildingandrestructuringoftissuesduringthe “healing  crisis” and  “genetic  restructuring”.  It penetrates  through  the skinand increases the oxygenation metabolic function.


For over 95 years in the use of the TranZinc formula, no contraindications have ever been observed.

TranZinc is Dynamically Enhanced® using proprietary advanced technology. Our Tesla Scalar Vortex generator produces Infrared - Quantum Sound with 528 Hz & Inert Noble Gasses, each known to provide specific information and beneficial resonant health effects.

John Stuart Reid (a pioneer in acoustic research and cymatic measurements) has proven that 528 is essential to the sacred geometry of circles and spirals consistent with DNA structuring and hydrosonic restructuring. 528Hz frequency is utilised by bio-chemists to initiate repair of damaged DNA and is known as the “Transformation and Miracle” frequency.

There are incredible benefits from this energy when carried into cells by Dyamically Enhanced® supplements. Scalar enhancement is known to strengthen DNA bonds making it more resistant to damage, cleanse the blood, fortify the immune system and restore overall vitality. 

This energy is unifying for body, mind & spirit coherence.

In addition Scalar energy has other amazing properties. It can cancel out the harmful effects of radiation such as computers, microwaves, other appliances and the damaging electromagnetic fields cause by 5G.

Amazingly, once a supplement has been Dynamically Enhanced® the effects can actually grow stronger weeks or even months after being embedded. The effects are so powerful that it has even been shown to repair itself. Scalar restores coherence, even after disruptive exposure to radiation, like X-rays and 5G.

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