Miron Violet Glass Flask 1L  - Biophotonic Glass

Miron Violet Glass Flask 1L - Biophotonic Glass

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Egyptian Healers and Alchemists knew that Violet Light has a higher frequency than any other form of light & reaches our very DNA.

It is also the same frequency as the human nervous system!

According to the esoteric literature, violet coloured glass was the HIGHEST of QUALITY & considered imperative for achieving well balanced, long-lasting potions.

The Alchemists of the time foretold of how the glass could lead to…

  • Youth & Beauty
  • Balancing Energy Centres
  • Longevity & Vitality

Here’s HOW to do it:

Step #1: Fill your violet glass bottle with water.

Step #2:  Simply position your Miron glass bottle filled with water in direct sunlight for one hour or even days to receive the uplifting energies!

Those that are sensitive to energy will feel its effects easily & the difference in taste will be notable because of the improved structure.


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