Bromide and Toxin Detox Symptoms and Solutions

Reference: Lynne Farrow The Iodine CrisisDetoxification 


Eye lid twitching/Foot twitching 

Runny nose (clear fluid) 


Tingling in hands or feet 

Dark thoughts (e.g. there is no reason to live) 

Depression (e.g. there is no reason to get out of bed) 



Mouth and tongue sores and cuts or “sore mouth” 

“Unusual” acne, acne-like eruptions without coniform (some iodine users found zinc helps bromide acne) 

Skin splits 

Hair loss 

Brain fog 

Leg and hip ache (feels like arthritis) 

Rash (bromaderma) 

Metallic taste 

Sinus ache 

Cherry angiomas 


Odd swallowing sensation 

Body odour (bromos is Greek for stench) 

Unusual urine odour or colour 

Dry mouth 

Urethral spasm, frequent urination (mistaken for urinary infection) 


Vision changes 

IrritabilityIncreased salivation 

 Hormone changes 

Kidney pain 

Breast tenderness (transient symptoms – on and off)

Solutions to Ease and Speed Detoxification Symptoms: 

 1. The Salt Loading Protocol has benefited many as the most effective way to flush toxins released by taking iodine. 

 2. Pulse-dosing Iodine. This means stopping iodine for 48 hours to rest the kidneys while continuing with the Companion Nutrients. 

 3. Take natural food source vitamin C & pure MSM spread throughout the day (we recommend 1⁄2 tsp Camu Camu extract mixed with 1⁄2 tsp pure MSM in 1 litre of pure water sipped throughout the day – 2 litres mix per day). 

 4. Taking the complete Iodine Companion Nutrients. Numerous testimonials prove The Iodine Companion Nutrients, including ATP CoFactors, enhance cell detoxification. 

 5. Drinking more water – structured, spring or purified recommended. 

 6. According to iodine users with skin symptoms, adding 25mg zinc oftenhelps.  

Salt Loading Protocol 

Iodine users often use the salt loading protocol to clear bromide and many other detox symptoms. Salt has been used for over a hundred years by doctors to clear bromide symptoms. 

Please note: if using Himalayan salt ensure that it has come from a reliable source as most Himalayan salt is contaminated with bromide. Miracle Products offers Himalayan Salt that is free from bromide, hand washed and harvested by natural methods. 

Dr. William Shevin presented his Salt Loading Protocol at the February 2007 Iodine conference: 

1⁄4 tsp unprocessed, unrefined sea salt dissolved in 1⁄2 cup warm water – immediately Followed by a 1⁄2 litre of pure water 

Repeat in 30-45 minutes if needed. May repeat again until copious urination begins. Consume an additional 1⁄2 tsp unprocessed sea salt throughout the day on foods. Observe subjective response (usually within several hours).  

Iodine and Companion NutrientsNascent Iodine: 

5 drops twice daily in 30ml pure water (may start with 1 dropand slowly increase) 

Vitamin C: 3,000 mg per day (more may be necessary to detox bromide) – consider 1 tsp Camu Camu extract = approximately 4,000 IUMagnesium: 10 sprays Miracle Mist (dispense 2 sprays at a time into a cupped hand and massage onto skin (spinal application recommended to relax the entire central nervous system). 

Selenium: 200 mcg selenium (sodium selenite is reported as the most effective form when dealing with cancer)Niacin (B3) & Riboflavin (B2): Camu Camu extract is a rich natural food source containing ATP Cofactor ( B vitamins 1,2 & 3) in the most bioavailable form. 

Salt Protocol: (as above – Salt Loading Protocol)•

February 2008: Dr. Guy Abraham cautions that ‘excess calcium supplementation has been the most common cause of poor response to iodine supplementation.” Vitamin Research News Vol. 22 Number 2. 

Protocol Update 2009: Data gathered from the Breast Cancer Choices Iodine Investigation Project participant’s reports that the ATP Cofactors helps speed iodine absorption and normalize TSH levels.