Why Magnesium is the Hidden Key to Weight Loss?


Magnesium plays a crucial role in how your body handles two major factors in weight loss — fat and insulin. Therefore, it is quite possible that your inability to lose weight is attributed to Magnesium deficiency. In other words, a lack of sufficient Magnesium in your diet can cause weight gain and even obesity.Magnesium also helps insulin guide glucose into cells for energy.Without energy nutrients, you can develop unnecessary food cravings, low blood sugar, anxiety, and a tendency to overeat making weight loss virtually impossible. 

Another valuable role of Magnesium is its ability to nullify the effects of stress. You probably already know that stress triggers the release of a hormone called cortisol, which slows down your metabolism & leads to fat storage around the belly area.And with a slow metabolism it becomes very difficult to lose weight. However, Magnesium counteracts this process! 


"Most people need more magnesium, due to soil erosion and water treatment it is now impossible to eat your way out of a magnesium deficiency. “Virtually every known disease is associated with magnesium deficiency, including asthma, hypertension, cancer, diabetes, migraine, allergies, myocardial (heart) and depression.” Dr Norman Shealy MD., Ph 


Transdermal application allows us to bypass the digestive system and go directly to where the body can utilize magnesium most by absorbing through our skin –the largest organ. Doctors have estimated that at least two-thirds of the population is magnesium deficient and according to Director International Medical Veritas Association, Dr. Mark Allan Sircus, “it is almost impossible to eat your way out of a magnesium deficiency” and it could take “over a year to get your magnesium levels back to normal with oral supplementation”.Miracle Mist can help reverse this deficiency because transdermal application can restore normal magnesium levels in the cells within as little as a month. In addition there is never an issue with taking too much as the body will only absorb what it needs.