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Make your own Magnesium Bicarbonate Water it is the Perfect Cellular Alkaliser! 

Mitochondria are the 'power generators' of the cells; by drinking magnesium bicarbonate (magnesium chloride and soda bicarbonate in water) nutrients are more efficiently absorbed through the cell membrane into the mitochondria. This provides a tremendous boost to cellular power and facilitates the expulsion of acids. 

Magnesium functions as a bicarbonate co-transporter into cells and bicarbonate acts as a transporter of magnesium into the mitochondria. Most alkalizing protocols only alkalize digestion which is not ideal; digestion needs to be acidic by nature in order to digest foods. Prolonged digestive alkalizing contributes to overall poor digestion and potential damage. 

Magnesium fortifies hydrochloric acid production; necessary for digestion, while the bicarbonate alkalizes the cells and tissues. 

Natural health practitioners understand that disease thrives in an acidic body. One of the fundamental approaches to health and healing has to be the alkalization of the body so it can dispose acids from our cells tissues, and organs. This can be done in many ways but the most effective and inexpensive method we have found is making magnesium bicarbonate water using Dr. Sircus' Mitochondrial Medicine Cocktail protocol.  


1/8 to 1/4 tsp of Organic Sodium Bicarbonate 
5 - 7 sprays (1 tsp) Magnesium Chloride in 100 to 200 ml of pure water 
Stir and drink (2 weeks on followed by 1 week off) 

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When should I drink it?

Consider drinking the cocktail before bed to provide the body with optimal conditions for repair. Swish between teeth before swallowing and you can enjoy whiter teeth, gum strengthening and prevention of cavities too! Be sure to use magnesium chloride that is over 99% pure magnesium chloride and is fortified with MSM (also over 99% pure); a nutritional organic form of sulphur. 

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Sulphur carries oxygen across the cell membrane and is a main source of antioxidants in the mitochondria. Sulphur has a vital relationship with protein, since sulphur is found in the amino acids methionine, cystine, and cysteine. 

These amino acids are known as the sulphur bearing amino acids which are considered the building blocks for your physical body. Sulphur is one of the basic elements of life. In fact, sulphur is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body. The proper acid alkaline balance of the body cannot be maintained without sulphur. 

The Mitochondrial Cocktail provides the best foundation for repair; alkalizing at the cellular level, while boosting mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell with essential magnesium. 

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