Are You Pooping Out Your Vitamins?

Most of the nutrients you find online, or at your local pharmacy, are a waste of your money and health. Taking even the highest recommended dosage of these commodity vitamins and minerals generally will not result in receiving the nutrient levels your body actually needs. And in fact can create unwanted side effects.

Clinical evidence suggests that natural food sources of minerals and vitamins are far more effective, milligram for milligram than synthetic forms which are largely petrochemical byproducts.

Natural vitamins require bioflavanoids, phytochemicals and other co-factors that enhance efficiency and utilization by the body.

Natural Medicine vs. Pharmaceutical Medicine

It is known that the physical body heals when pH balanced – so how are prescriptions, which create an acidic body, a better choice of medicine?

Many people end up taking multiple prescription medicines before finding the one that actually produces any symptom relief. Most often several prescriptions are tried, resulting in “new” symptoms. Why is it that physicians are game to have you try all these different medications? Pharmaceutical medicines have various and sometimes life threatening effects and all contribute to instant acidosis in the body. Most disease thrives in an acidic body – rather counterintuitive don’t you think? Natural remedies support an alkaline body and can provide better outcomes with positive effects.

Why not experiment with nutritionals that are feeding and alkalizing your body?

How to Take Care of Your Gut

Did you know that if your digestion is not healthy your immune system cannot work properly either? Do you often feel bloated or have belly cramps after eating? Perhaps you often have unpleasant gas and/or foul smelling poop? Are you unable to lose fat even when not eating? Do you have sugar cravings? It may be time to restore your healthy gut bacteria!

Why Prebiotics & Probiotics?

Prebiotics are food components that give the beneficial bacteria (i.e. probiotics) nourishment and thus a chance to grow and flourish. Our prebiotic levels can be naturally boosted by eating lots of fruit and vegetables, however if digestion is not optimal our ability to absorb these vital nutrients does not happen—in comes probiotics!

Consider that right from the moment we are born, the human body becomes a host for other microorganisms. This includes the beneficial bacteria in our intestinal tracts, simply called probiotics. These “friendly” bacteria are essential to healthy immune function and perform a number of important tasks including breaking down nutrients and keeping “harmful” bacteria in our gut in balance.

What Are Belly Bugz?

Belly Bugz contains a blend of 19 specially selected Certified Organic, gluten-free probiotic foods containing essential nutrients, naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and amino acids, all broken down by a superculture of probiotics for easy absorption.

Belly Bugz are in their own food source, which means the good bacteria are alive and well within their own food source. They lay dormant, and are activated when taken, then multiply in the millions to assist in colonizing the gut with essential probiotics.

By feeding organic food to a mother culture of good bacteria (probiotics), the food is broken down, releasing the vitamins, minerals and amino acids for easier absorption, essential for good health and aid in body repair at the cellular level.

  • Improve Gut Health
  • Improve Immune System
  • Preventing/Treat Diarrhea & IBS
  • Boosting Mental Health
  • Assist Weight Loss
  • Organic Whole Food 
  • Pre & Probiotic
  • Vegan
  • Tastes Good
  • Easy to Use
  • Dynamically Enhanced

Get Your Daily Vitamins & Minerals from

Certified Organic Foods in Belly Bugz!