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June 2023 Miracle Distributors Meeting 

Main Topics

1. Blood Dragon – TGA crack down - new formula coming

2. AGL – why extra virgin olive oil is the best medium for carbon 60 – clears hepatoxins from the liver – lines the mitochondria

3.Fatty liver – contributing factors & how to clear – BluZone, AgeLess C60, Super AGC

4. Protocols for combining products – base minerals & exceptions to the rule Nascent Iodine & CDS

5. CDS solution strength, safe for eyes and skin – benefits

6. MB is a methyl donorand behaves like an artificial electron donor and electron acceptor. It donates its electrons directly to the electron transport chain and obtains electrons from surrounding compounds, maintaining oxygen consumption and energy production. This helps oxygen to be fully reduced into water.

7. MB contraindicated with Nitric Oxide induced erections but restores sexual vitality and erection not NO induced.

May 2023 Miracle Distributors Meeting