Protocol #4 - Gut Health

The importance of gut health cannot be over stated. Ayurvedic medicine ascertains that a healthy stomach is the most important part of a healthy body. If your stomach is not healthy, the body will not be healthy.

If digestion is not working properly your body’s ability to absorb and effectively utilize nutrients are compromised. You can ingest the most nutritious foods and supplements but if you are not absorbing the nutrients through digestion you will become deficient in the essential minerals and vitamins that keep you thriving.

It would be remiss to speak of digestion without mentioning that the first gate of digestion is your mouth. Chewing your food well is essential; saliva begins the digestive process as well as stimulates the stomach to produce the necessary digestive enzymes. During digestion, three primary digestive enzymes turn food into nutrients that can be absorbed and assimilated by the body. Magnesium plays a role in numerous enzymes systems throughout the body, making it an effective digestive aid.

Another consideration is the state of mind while eating. It is difficult to digest food when under stress. Achieving a relaxed peaceful state of being before eating will go a long way in helping improve digestion.
Consuming a pre/probiotic can provide dramatic assistance to restoring gut microbiota. Every day our gut bacteria is compromised due to poor dietary habits and lifestyle factors such as pesticides, chlorine, fluoride, pollution, stress, vaccinations and antibiotics. When digestion is not good our ability to focus and concentrate, absorb vital nutrients and withstand disease is also jeopardized.

Prebiotics are food components that give the beneficial bacteria (i.e. probiotics) nourishment and thus a chance to grow and flourish. Our prebiotic levels can be naturally boosted by eating lots of fruit and vegetables, however if digestion is not optimal our ability to absorb these vital nutrients does not happen - in comes probiotics!

Consider that right from the moment we are born, the human body becomes a host for microorganisms. This includes the beneficial bacteria in our intestinal tracts, simply called probiotics.

These “friendly” bacteria are essential to healthy immune function and perform a number of important tasks including breaking down nutrients and keeping “harmful” bacteria in our gut in balance.

Dr. Zack Bush MD has provided ground breaking research demonstrating the hazards of glyphosate; commonly known as Round-up. Glyphosate is a patented antibiotic designed to kill the weeds in garden crops and also kills the microorganisms in the soil. Antibiotics are designed to kill all pathogens (bacteria, fungi etc.) – hence the name - antibiotic literally means anti-life. Knowing that our very survival depends on these organisms brings to question this approach of mass slaughter of the very organisms that enable your body to live.

It is now known how damaging glyphosate, herbicides and pesticides are to our digestion. Dr Bush has clearly shown that glyphosate damages not only the microbiome of the soil but also our digestive immune system. Eating crops that have been treated with this chemical destroys the Tight Junction, the very structure of our cellular network that protects us from toxins and foreign materials from getting into the body where they do not belong.   

A healthy gut is KEY to a healthy immune system.

When the tight Junction is damaged, foreign materials, wastes & toxins enter into deeper tissues, the body’s automatic protection method is to generate inflammation in an attempt to flush out the debris. Research conducted by Dr. Bush clearly demonstrates how the damage to the Tight Junction and cellular communication network directly leads to compromised digestive immune function and autoimmune disorders.

Reflux seems to be a very uncomfortable issue for many people. Chronic indigestion is BIG business - notice the number of ads for anti-acid remedies. Antacid remedies are only masking a symptom and do not address the underlying condition. The most probable issue is low hydrochloric acid (HCL) production.

After age 35, the parietal cells in the stomach begin to naturally decline in their ability to produce HCL. This powerful acid is crucial in the first stages of protein digestion, and is also the first line of defense against incoming pathogens like food poisoning, bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. Following this, signs of low HCL include the stress of undigested protein on the kidneys (proteinuria, albuminuria) and digestion (gas, bowel inflammation and concurrent ‘skinny’ stools) and persistent problems with parasites, despite repeat cleanses.

Here’s how low HCL contributes to indigestion:

When a meal is eaten, because of inefficient acid, the food sits in the stomach for too long leading to feelings of fullness lingering too long after the meal. Meanwhile the gall bladder and liver have secreted bile into the small intestine waiting to neutralize the acid ‘soup’ coming from the stomach. Bile is extremely alkaline and caustic at the same time, like lye. The bile creates a spasm in the area just below the stomach that shoots the bile up into the stomach. This is the first indication of discomfort. Now the stomach goes into Red Alert and attempts to douse the bile with more acid. This stresses the already taxed parietal cells into producing a second batch of HCL, further depleting them. This second batch of acid is what creates the main pain of indigestion which can be temporarily alleviated with alkaline band-aids like popular Anti-acids.

Another sign of low HCL is multiple mineral deficiencies, which can clear up in short order once parietal cells repair and HCL production restored.

Professor Bill Nelson’s simple ‘Rules for the Stomach’ briefly summarized:

  • Fluids alone (150ml only with meals)
  • Wait 1.5 to 2 hrs for Hot Drinks after Meals
  • No Milk with Meals
  • Fruits Alone
  • Melons Alone
  • Small Meal is Better
  • Eat when Hungry, not bored
  • Rest ½ hour after Meals, avoid lying down or sleeping for 3 hours after Meal
  • Avoid Negative Emotions, cook and eat with Love
  • No Anti-Acids (you won’t need them after you do the right thing!)

Daily Protocol

1. Belly Bugz Directions

Add ¼ tsp to water, juice or sprinkled on food twice daily, morning and night.  

Prebiotics provide immediate nutrition and help carry the probiotics through the intestinal system. Probiotics are essential for digestion. These are the healthy bacteria that live in our guts. 

If you are seriously depleted and sensitive consider beginning with a smaller amount (a pinch) and gradually increase over the span of a few days to allow your body to adjust to the high level of nutrition. 

On the 3rd or 4th day increase to ¼ tsp twice daily. Some people have found increasing to ½ tsp twice daily was magic for them; each body is unique in its requirements. 

2. Super AGC Directions

¼ tsp four to six times daily (1-2 tsp daily) can be mixed into food or simply add to water or drink as a tea.    

Research studies have shown turmeric can stimulate the gallbladder and release bile. This bile helps the body break down and digest food. It also plays an important role in absorbing fats and certain nutrients. Turmeric calms the upper digestive system by getting rid of gas. Turmeric is also known to help increase absorption in the intestine and promote intestinal flora.

3. LifeForce fx Directions 

¼ tsp in water, juice or smoothie daily.  

Magnesium, sodium, and potassium bicarbonate are miracle medicines for our basic physiology. It continues to be a medical tragedy that the least expensive, most widely available safe, and effective medicine is overlooked.

Ingesting bicarbonates and magnesium with water is the simplest way to achieve an ideal pH balance in the body. It is important to note that adding these minerals will make your water alkaline in a far more effective way than any alkaline water machine can because it is the essential electroyls that alkalize the body. You can have high pH water with little or no actual alkalinity.

If digestive issues are related to infection, poisoning, parasites, virus or any pathogenic issues adding BluZone to the daily regime can be profoundly helpful.

4. BluZone

This can be taken anytime; we find one dose in the morning completely adequate. MB is water-soluble so you don’t need to take it with a meal, or healthy fat like some nootropics. Simply add the drops to water or juice. 

There are two protocols for using BluZone. Our recommendation is to start with a low dose (Daily Maintenance) and see how you react. Allow a week on the daily maintenance before engaging the Loading Protocol.

Directions: Shake before each use. Add drops to water or juice

Daily Maintenance Protocol: 1 drop for every 4kg of body weight (bodyweight divided by 4)

Loading Protocol: 1 drop for every 2kg of body weight for 2 weeks then drop back to the daily maintenance. (Bodyweight divided by 2)