Immune System Rescue Bundle

Immune System Rescue Bundle

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👉 Do you cringe when someone sneezes 🤧 near you?

👉 Are you afraid of catching a cold or the flu? 🤒

👉 Are you first in line for vaccinations? 💉

👉 Do you feel like your  immune system is weak?

Mainstream medicine is built on the "Germ Theory" which teaches us that disease comes from the outside by pathogens invading the body and is inflicted upon the innocent helpless person. But science is changing and even though old school teachings are still the norm, maybe it's time to look at a different theory about your immune system...maybe it's time to ask better questions?

I mean, have you ever wondered: Why healthy people could carry the germs of certain diseases and yet show no symptoms? or Why some people could be exposed to virulent germs yet not catch the disease?

These are valid questions and in the month of July, we're offering our loyal customers this FREE ebook; inviting you to explore an alternate immune system paradigm!

Included in the Bundle:

  • Nascent Iodine 30ml
  • Belly Bugs 150g
  • Camu Camu 50g
  • Blood Dragon 50g

And for the month of July receive a FREE TranZinc 125ml when purchasing your bundle!