Enhance Your Natural Immunity - Vitamin C, D and Zinc Option 2

Enhance Your Natural Immunity - Vitamin C, D and Zinc Option 2

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Enhance Your Natural Immunity - Vitamin C, D and Zinc

TranZinc 250ml & Camu Camu -100g reg price = $135 – special save 15% = $114.75 & free eBook


TranZinc is a time tested formula produced according to the original crystalline method.

Every drop of TranZinc contains a pure Zinc-Boron crystal which is absorbed
through the skin into the blood. Zinc is widely used to help reduce the duration of
colds and harmful bacteria like streptococci. It isalso used as a wound agent to
promote accelerated healing on the skin. It is the original transdermal formula; a
truly miraculous solution that can provide healing and relief when applied onto the
skin and/or used internally.

TranZinc Formula Is 100% Natural and Recognized As:

1. Universal Disinfectant - controls microbes, but does not destroy normal cells
and tissue.

2. Universal Solvent - helps to purify the bloodstream.

3. It is non-irritating to delicate mucous membranes, and it assists in soothing these
membranes. It penetrates each layer of skin to eradicate unwanted micro-organisms.

4. It is non-toxic and odourless. It works as a deodorant, alkalizes, assists nature to
restore normal function.

5. It is pH balancing, anti-inflammatory, improves detoxification of cells and tissues.

Camu Camu Extract – Natural Vitamin C

The complete complex of vitamin C as found in natural food sources is composed of several elements: rutinbioflavonoids, tyrosinase, Factor K, Factor J, Factor P and ascorbinogen which are essential in order for the body to absorb and benefit from the vitamin complex.

Camu Camu (Myrciaria dubia) is a berry grown in Peru that provides a rich source of powerful phytochemicals with exceptional immune benefits. These include the amino acids serine, valine, and leucine, as well as more natural Vitamin C than any other known botanical in the world. The effects on the human body are incomparable.

Clinical evidence suggests that natural food sources of Vitamin C are far more effective - milligram for milligram - than synthetic Vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

Camu Camu contains bioflavanoids, phytochemicals and other co-factors that enhance vitamin C’s efficiency and utilization by the body.

Miracle Products Certified Organic Camu Camu berry extract is an antioxidant rich 100% natural fruit powder. Pink in colour with a natural tart raspberry like taste.