Blood Dragon Praise

Former name: Miracle Herb Mix Immune Booster

“As you suggested I took the Herb Mix once a day for 7 days then increased to 2 X daily. After taking the capsules for 3 weeks I went back to my cardiologist who had elected me for by-pass surgery. I am relieved to report that surgery is cancelled. My heart constriction is clearing!” – Taddis Qld

“Thank you soooo much for putting me onto the immune booster! I have been taking 1 capsule each night since Wednesday and today (Monday) I realized that I didn’t need to sleep through the day! I am feeling almost human. I actually felt like unloading the car with our market gear and I don’t feel “poisoned” which is how I have felt for years! I am so grateful to you both.” – Pauline S

“While taking the herb mix the two spots under my sideburns erupted and by the end of two bottles, they totally disappeared without any surface salving! There wasn’t an external eschar, the problem just seemed to dissolve over the next few weeks and healed very easily.” – Gus G

“I took bloodroot capsules for three months after the (breast cancer) eschar came out. Then I had an appointment with my ophthalmologist, who had been watching the progress of my cataracts. He had said I would eventually need surgery. But now the cataracts had disappeared!” – Janine L

“Using the mix has removed deep dime size melanomas on my wrist, my scalp, my nose, under my eye. I have also had amazing results with tooth decay, gum-line cavities, chronic bleeding gums, and loose molars. This problem had been haunting me for 20 years. I am beyond thankful and amazed.” – Heather S

“After using the mix I noticed something quite miraculous. About 18 months before, I suffered a collapsed lung and since then had a sharp pain around that lung every time I breathed deeply. I can’t tell exactly when this happened, but the pain around my lung was gone. I have been free of the pain since then.” – Ms L

“I decided to try the capsules, to hit (the cancer) inside and out. I’m so happy the capsules showed me actually how many tumors I had. After my shower, definite areas would rash up over a couple of weeks. Every time I salved I got a tumor out of that area. Yes, I was shocked but sticking my head in sand wouldn’t help.” – Heather

“By the sixth day the entire (BCC) had disappeared. I was quite shocked at how easily the capsules had worked. I continued taking one capsule twice a day for the next month to make sure no vagrant cells had been left behind.“ – Pamela

“After about twelve weeks (taking the herb mix capsules), the sarcoma, according to the doctor, was about half the original size! It has also changed (separated) and felt like a little flying saucer under my skin.” – Adrian

“It’s been 3 weeks since I started (taking bloodroot capsules for HIV) and I don’t regret it!!! The lymph node swelling has almost disappeared, and I gained some weight on my body and face. The bags under my eyes are gone! And I have so much energy now! It’s crazy…!” – Steve

“Just found out that Tania’s results after blood tests and ultrasound on lymph glands are normal…great news! See you again soon since we need to top up on the immune booster and empty capsules within the next couple of weeks.” – Pauline S

“Obviously a powerful product. Took it after salving some suspect moles on my back and having a small cancer removed from skin on arm. Thought it would do no harm to back up the salves from the inside. Noticed my eye sight cleared up a little after 2 days, wasn’t expecting that. Some sun damage under my eyes seemed to react and some deep blackhead like scabs seem to scratch out, they are very small. Also felt some pulling in a few different locations.“ – Brett M

“Long story short, I started taking Bloodroot internally (for Hepatitis C) … It saved my life. No more ascites, no more joint pain, no more coughing and wheezing, my skin has cleared up, I can do yoga again, the crick in my neck is gone. Bloodroot saved my life and gave me a quality life back. I will do routine maintenance with it for the rest of my life.” – Customer asked to remain anonymous 

“Within just seven days (of taking the herbs), it was possible to see the effects visually as the basal cells turned progressively paler. After eighteen days, the size of the carcinoma was reduced by about half.” – Gavin

“I read that bloodroot is anti-viral. Anti-herpes, perhaps? I started by taking two capsules per day and after one month I realized that the usual monthly break-out hadn’t happened. I have over ninety days of check marks on my wall calendar – I haven’t had one breakout (of genital herpes) in all this time, despite a family death and funeral. Unheard of. I feel like I’ve got out of prison.” – Angela

“When I started treating my dog’s tumors, I salved the biggest one and started using the capsules. He had about six tumors that have just vanished without being salved. I believe it was the capsules that caused them to vanish. They were smaller ones that disappeared, but the bigger ones got smaller too.” – Emily