Blood Dragon FAQs

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Question: What can Blood Dragon do?

Answer: The effectiveness of using this combination of herbs orally is confirmed by the many and varied reports from users. Apart from having cancers shrink or disappear, people say that gingivitis clears up, herpes outbreaks, shingles and other virus issues abate, lung problems and chronic constipation disappear, heart arrhythmia has ceased – heart blockages clear, and cataracts have faded away.

Question: What is in Blood Dragon? (formerly known Miracle Herb Mix)

Answer: contains bloodroot, graviola, chaparral galangal, cats claw and nothing else! 

Question: How do I take Blood Dragon?

Answer: Can be taken in water, juice or mixed in a bit of honey and many people prefer to make capsules. 

You can get your capsule maker here: 

Question: How much should I take?

Answer: Start slowly. Make sure you drink plenty of pure alkaline water (adults a minimum of 2 litres/day) to help with the detox effect of this herbal mixture. A low dose of Blood Dragon is necessary because it can irritate the digestive tract at the beginning and is also important because of the waste products that the body will have to expel. Taking too much can become burdensome for the liver and kidneys.

Begin with one capsule (or 1/8th tsp) at breakfast and when you are happy with that, take one at night as well. It should always be taken with food.

You may increase to two in the morning, and then two at night. 

You may also take an extra dose at lunchtime. 

Some people build up to quite high doses, but it's up to you. Watch that your urine does not turn brown, if it does, drink more water and decrease treatment until the liver is able to keep up with detoxification. 

Nine is generally the maximum.

Question: When it's used for cancer, Is it like Black Salve?

Answer: Internal use of the herbs does not attack a tumour in the same way that the Black Salve does. The active sanguinarine and berberine acts against tumours inside the body, it produces no eschar inside, but gradually shrinks the lesion. 

However during internal treatment, an eschar may occur on the outside of the skin.

A side benefit that many people report, is that warts, polyps, skin tags or moles have shrunk away.

Question: Should I be on a special diet while I take Blood Dragon?

Answer: During the treatment time, it's important to drink plenty of good quality water and choose a healthy diet - high in fresh vegetables - low in grain, nuts, protein and high-sugar fruits. The more whole foods, the better. 

Use butter and coconut oil, never margarine or poly-oils. 

Be kind to your liver and kidneys.