Are Your Nutrients Grown by Nature?

Here's just a few reasons why we choose Re-Natured® Nutrients from "Grown By Nature"...

“Clinical studies in humans confirm that Re-Natured®nutrients have quite different biodynamics, potency and tissue availability.”

“Re-Natured® nutrients are the Biggest Breakthrough inNutrition in Decades” 

Supplements that are - quite literally - the next best thing to food. 

Supplements proven in a $3M Lawsuit and using NASA technology to be unique and superior to “today’s” normal, isolated chemical nutrients.

Supplements that are proven by extensive scientific research to be more effective than anything else available.

It is now possible to find supplements that are almost foods, and are recognized by the body as such. 

These 21st century supplements are termed Re-Natured® (or Food State) supplements, and are the first supplements that can truly be called supplements. Re-Natured® supplements have the nutritional structure of food.

Dr. Peter Mansfield writes in his summary report from the 

First International Dead Sea Conference which you can get HERE

In Dr. Mansfields PDF he writes: 

With an ever increasing demand for supplements it is essential to understand what is available to you, the consumer, to be able to choose what best suits your requirements.It may surprise you to learn that typical shop vitamins and minerals which form the basis of most people’s supplementation for health are chemicals, known in the industry as “USP” or “BP” isolated form nutrients. 

With recent statistics revealing that 1 in 3 adults, and 1 in every 4 young adults (age range 15 to 25), taking some type of nutrient supplement on a regular basis, it behooves us to purchase supplements that are most effective for our needs.We all recognize that we should get all these essential vitamins and minerals from good organic (wholesome) food. 

However, with mineral depletion of the soil, environmental issues, processed foods, demands on growers, etc, most of us admit that we take supplements because we want that additional preventative or protective security factor.If we admit that the best source of proper vitamins and minerals are contained in food then ideally our supplements should also be in a food form. 

As more and more people become aware of the necessity for wholefood nutrition, there are several companies that are purposely misleading consumers that may be unaware of the true differences and definitions that define a true wholefood product. They are falsely mislabelling their products as wholefoods, when in fact they are not.

Recently, a well-known, so-called “wholefood” company just began disclosing that they were in fact adding synthetic ascorbic acid to their vitamin C product, along with their usage of vitamin C containing foods. Their label now indicates what I have known for quite some time; that this company was simply mixing in synthetic ingredients disguised as nutrients, and labelling the product still as a wholefood product. By doing this, they allowed themselves to piggy-back on the claim that they are offering a wholefood product, while at the same time they list an increased RDA percentage for that nutrient declared on the label. 

This leaves the unaware consumer deceived. Now they are not only denying themselves wholefood nutrition; but furthermore, they could be causing damage to their bodies by allowing synthetic chemicals into their daily diet regime.

So How Do I Know If My Supplement is a True Whole food Nutrient ?

In order for a product to be a true “wholefood” nutrient it must follow the following three principles:

1. The nutrient must be delivered within a food ingredient 

2. The nutrient must be a bonded part of that food ingredient 

3. The nutrient must be disclosed as such on their label

The term “Food-based” or “Plant-based” implies that yes, there is food in their supplement tablet and/or capsule. 

However, the “Base” portion of that word also reveals that the food powder in their product is an actual “base”, or food foundation. That base/ foundation is great for their marketing efforts, but the truth is revealed as the company will then add in undesirable isolated and synthetic chemicals to increase RDA at the risk of your health. 

When an active substance is found within a wholefood, it is part of a network. There are components within that food that help the active substance flourish. When this active portion is extracted, it is cut free of its natural packaging, and support mechanisms within that food. 

 Just as with natural Vitamin C and ascorbic acid. When Ascorbic acid is isolated or extracted away from the wholefood vitamin C complex, it will now be missing important amino acids, branched-chain amino acids, enzymes, fatty acids, rutin, tyrosinase, factor K, factor J, and several other “team members”. 

There are several studies which have been peer reviewed that demonstrate how the wholefood vitamin C complex far surpasses isolated or extracted ascorbic acid in terms of absorption, retention, and most importantly utilization. 

 So, as the market becomes more aware of the advantages of ingesting nutrients in their wholefood form vs. isolated and synthetically produced nutrients, we will continue to see companies trying to deceive. 

“Not Guilty”…but it cost $3,000,000 
In the early 1990’s, there was a court case with more bearing and significance on the nutritional industry than almost any other. The case involved a person who was selling a predominantly USP/BP product as Re-Natured®. It became necessary for the Re-Natured® company to defend their name, lest people associated them with these poor quality, ineffective counterfeits.

During the court case that ensued, the judge required the Re-Natured® manufacturing company to prove their supplements were fully naturally bonded at the molecular level, and therefore different to and better than USP/BP nutrients.

Five Independent and internationally recognized FDA scientists were assigned to examine the molecular structure of the Re-Natured® supplements. These scientists were required to analyze the results and submit their findings to the judge. To determine the differences, leading edge technologies from NASA were used including nuclear magnetic resonance.

The Verdict

On February 8th, 1993, this $3 million lawsuit came to an end when theCalifornia district judge made his ruling based on all evidence presented him during the case. He stated that: 

1. “The Re-Natured® nutrients have undergone a physico-chemical change and are not simply a mixture.” 

2. “Re-Natured® material is manufactured under a proprietary process.” 

3. “Re-Natured® nutrients are better absorbed, retained, and utilized thanthe USP/BP comparable nutrient.”4. “Re-Natured® vitamins are different than both USP/BP vitamins, and a mixture of USP/BP vitamins and food matrix.”…meaning that Re-Natured® nutrients are completely different from other supplements that simply mix vitamins with food co-factors.

Please share this information with your friends and family so their health does fall victim to deception.

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