Repair & Protect Your Genes, DNA, & RNA

When you begin to research health and healing with an open mind, you may soon recognize the extent of corruption in the pharmacological mainstream medical system. Natural remedies and natural healing methods – even when supported by mainstream doctors and clinical trials, is blocked by censorship or quickly labelled as dangerous. Doctors that do voice their support of natural methods over pharmacological methods are either killed or pressured with law suits and loss of career. Surly this must raise the question as to why this is and who gains by this?

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It is also extraordinary when you realize that pharmacological drugs are manufactured from natural substances provided from nature – from Source if you will, and the most effective pharmacological substances are natural derivatives rather than fully synthesized, which inevitably create a host of unwanted effects that are often worse than the original ailment.

As we are natural creatures whose bodies are made of this earth, it is reasonable to look to the earth as created by Source, for the healing remedies for our physical ailments. What is also worth considering is that a vast array of natural herbs, spices and methods have been proven to be more effective than various expensive drugs.

For example, over 2,000 published studies have shown that curcumin combats cancers of the breast, prostate, liver, colon, lung, pancreas and more. Many of these studies have shown curcumin actually stops cancer cells from dividing. Curcumin has also been shown to trigger apoptosis, or programmed cell death, which is the body’s natural and necessary way of ridding itself from damaged cells. Unlike chemotherapy drugs or the breast cancer drug Tamoxifen (which by the way has been classified by the WHO and the U.S. National Institutes of Health as a known human carcinogen with over 20 side-effects), curcumin has the ability to neutralize cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed. Drug companies cannot patent natural substances and without a patent there is no profit.

Despite the fact that curcumin has been extensively researched for decades and has demonstrated clear anti-cancer power in clinical trials, it is still not widely prescribed in cancer therapy as there is little financial incentive to do so.

I invite you to consider that the physical body’s natural state is health and that disease is “something” that is blocking health. When we remove the blockage and restore the energy flow, health easily resumes.

Disease carries the energy of importance rather than that of negativity.

Coming from a background in natural healing, it remains evident to me that health solutions are always provided from nature and that minerals are the essential foundational building blocks. Even vitamins cannot be absorbed and utilized properly by the body without minerals.

Most of my research and learning has been perused from the necessity for healing myself or loved ones. What is truly fascinating, and never ceases to amaze me, is that as soon as I postulate the question the required information miraculously presents itself.

When I postulated the question as to why so many people are now being diagnosed with gene disorders, such as MTHFR, cancer etc. I discovered that there are particular synergistic elements. One of these, copper, appears to be the essential key and has largely been overlooked by both mainstream doctors and natural health experts alike. This knowledge inspired me to create an easily absorbable copper formula to accompany the other essential nutrients zinc and magnesium, along with a sample of natural high potency vitamin C (Camu Camu extract) to complete this Repair & Protect package.

I trust that this information will arrive to those who urgently need it and also to those who desire maintaining the health of their physical body, genes, DNA & RNA.

Repair & Protect Your Genes, DNA & RNA

There are particular nutrients that are crucial in the repair and protection of genes, DNA & RNA. Copper, magnesium, zinc and natural high potency vitamin C (Camu Camu extract), are so important in this regard, that we decided to create this special package to hone in on the specific role that each play in keeping you healthy and thriving.

Repair & Protect Your Genes, DNA & RNA

Knowing that the origin of disease stems from some for of imbalance and blockage of energy flow, it follows that restoring the energy flow will facilitate the body in healing. Copper is the most common mineral used in electronics because it is an excellent electrical conductor. In the human body, copper plays a significant role in energy flow.

In the Ayurvedic medicinal tradition copper is understood to be a powerful element, recommended for joint inflammation and pain, skin ailments, headaches, rheumatoid arthritis, epilepsy, bone and lung disorders. Known for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties, it is the trifecta of wound care. Copper has been utilized for health purposes since ancient times.

Only now does our research describe how copper and its alloys exhibit these impressive healing properties. When microbes come into contact with copper there is a release of copper ions (electrically charged particles). The ions prevent microbial cell respiration, punch holes in the bacterial cell membrane or disrupt the viral coat, and neutralize the DNA and RNA inside. This neutralization of the DNA and RNA is important as it means that no mutation can occur – preventing the microbe from developing resistance to copper.

Bill Keevil, Professor of Environmental Healthcare, University of Southampton has shown that copper alloys negate superbugs, including MRSA and those from the notorious ESKAPE group of pathogens group (six highly virulent and anti-biotic resistant pathogens) – the leading cause of hospital acquired infections.

A healthy adult’s body copper content is reported to be approximately eighty milligrams. The highest level of copper is found in the liver and brain, followed by the heart, kidney, pancreas, spleen, lungs, bone, and muscle. Copper is one of essential elements required for normal human metabolism including specific enzyme production and regulation. Copper is an excellent energy conductor and when you take it out of the human body, it really just falls apart.

What is often misunderstood about copper testing is that results can show an excess, when in fact the truth of the matter is, that copper is not being absorbed and utilized properly in the body. This is known as copper dysregulation.

Copper Dysregulation - Copper Toxicity & Copper Deficiency

Morley Robbins, a well- known health researcher and coach, shares his knowledge regarding copper dysregulation, where we can have simultaneous copper deficiency as well as copper excess occurring at exactly the same time. According to Morley, magnesium deficiency and copper dysregulation issues are the root cause of all disease. He states that Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, thyroid issues, Hashimoto’s, rheumatoid arthritis, aneurism and more, all of these conditions have a common origin, copper dysregulation.

He says, “It is staggering when you begin to realize that that one mineral has that kind of impact. When you begin to dig into why everyone is sick, about 99% of the reason is people don’t have enough magnesium or they don’t have the right bioavailability of copper.”

Is Your Copper Bioavailable?

Unless copper is attached to its transport protein ceruloplasmin, it simply does not work properly. Ceruloplasmin is a ferroxidase enzyme produced in the liver which is the major copper-carrying protein in the blood and helps move iron from the organs and tissues of the body into the blood. Ceruloplasmin binds and carries more than 95% of the total copper in healthy human plasma and is the key for both copper and iron bioavailability. Ceruloplasmin ensures that the copper and the iron are being properly transported, so that it does not cause oxidation. Without ceruloplasmin copper is unbound and cannot be utilized by the body. Unbound copper becomes destructive. Understanding this, it becomes evident that supporting our livers production of ceruloplasmin can be one of the most important things we can do for our health.

What Interferes With Ceruloplasmin Production?

When ceruloplasmin stops being made, then we have high levels of unbound copper and we have low levels of bound copper at the very same time

(simultaneous copper excess and deficiency). Unbound copper goes rogue and that is the foundation for a vast array of problems.

There are four things that disable the liver’s ability to produce ceruloplasmin.

1. Stress

When we are under a lot of stress, it triggers the production of a key stress hormone release from the pituitary called ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone) and it triggers the adrenal production of cortisol and aldosterone along with all sorts of stress responses. ACTH will stop the production of ceruloplasmin in the liver and in the brain. 

Adrenal fatigue is one of the main causes of copper dysregulation in the body.

Now, what is interesting is that ACTH is closely linked with magnesium, so that when magnesium is high, ACTH is low. The reverse of that is also true.

Magnesium levels drop because of all sorts of stress and ACTH will build. So as we get more and more stressed out, it causes a breakdown in the production of ceruloplasmin, which is the very mechanism to create copper dysregulation.

As a side note, stress is a main factor in activating granulocytes, immune cells that cause inflammation, and are largely responsible for the symptoms of autoimmune diseases. Copper salicylate complexes (such as CopperOn) have been found to control the metabolic activation of granulocytes. This is great news for anyone contending with any autoimmune issues!

Finding ways to alleviate your stress is so incredibly important for your physical, mental and spiritual health that I would be remiss if I did not mention it. My background in Quantum Biofeedback fosters my opinion that stress reduction is the first task for health recovery from any condition.

2. Supplementing with Vitamin D

Calcitriol, otherwise known as vitamin D (in fact, it is not a vitamin but is actually a hormone) destroys vitamin A in the liver. People are swallowing vitamin D like it’s no big deal when they have no idea that vitamin A, in the form of retinol, is so important for the liver to producing ceruloplasmin. Vitamin D in supplement form is one element that creates copper dysregulation. If you don’t know both your storage and active hormone D levels, you should not be getting anywhere near that supplement.

3. Supplementing with Ascorbic Acid

We have been trained to believe that vitamin C and ascorbic acid is one and the same thing. They are not. The vitamin C molecule is like a car. It’s a shell with four wheels, a steering wheel and an engine. That’s pretty much the design of the car and that’s pretty much the design of the vitamin C molecule. Ascorbic acid on the other hand is the shell of a car without moving parts.

The important part about the vitamin C molecule is that that engine is actually an enzyme called tyrosinase and the spark plug that runs that engine is copper. It turns out that that very enzyme, tyrosinase is very important in helping the body to metabolize copper. Ascorbic acid on the other hand causes copper to separate from ceruloplasmin. Natural vitamin C – whole food vitamin C does not dysregulate copper. In fact, copper cannot be utilized by the body and connective tissue cannot be formed correctly without the whole food C molecule. This is why we strongly promote our certified organic Camu Camu Extract; it contains an extremely rich source of natural high potency berry vitamin C, also B’s, iron and phosphorus in completely bioavailable plant form.

It is important to understand that Albert Szent-Gyorgi received the Nobel Prize for discovering the whole vitamin C molecule - not ascorbic acid, which is only the outer shell. Ascorbic Acid is synthetic, produced in a lab and is not going to produce miraculous health in the body. Vitamin C is not ascorbic acid, although most vitamin C supplements sold on the market today are in fact ascorbic acid. It might produce a short-term health benefit but not an overall long-term health advantage. That is my opinion and this is why I refuse to use it in any of our Miracle Products.

Dr Robert Thompson states, “physicians and nutrition leaders must recognize that ascorbic acid is not vitamin C, it depletes vitamin C from the body, and it has numerous harmful effects, unlike the real C molecule. This is "The Vitamin C Lie"

4. Consuming High Fructose Corn Syrup

High fructose corn syrup is shown to cause copper deficiency in the liver and at the same time, cause iron toxicity. It does it perfectly and flawlessly. This is a very bad combination because you need copper in order to make ceruloplasmin. That is one of the many catch 22’s in the body. So, the very mineral that you need to properly bind up is actually needed in order to make the enzyme/protein that allows that to happen.

The challenge is high fructose corn syrup is pervasive throughout the food industry. It’s everywhere. And most people don’t even stop to think about it. This sweetener is made in a very specific way, with a very specific biochemical mechanism impact that destroys the production of ceruloplasmin. High fructose corn syrup is very bad, very toxic to the liver. It is now revealed as being directly related to all non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

In order to avoid this nasty additive it becomes necessary to remove all processed, pre-packaged “foods” from the diet. My favourite fruit shop has a wonderful little sign that says, “Real food doesn’t have ingredients!”

Copper Toxicity Is Hiding Deficiencies

According to Morley Robbins, all copper toxicity is relational to three deficiencies, zinc, copper and iron. He states, “We are conditioned to believe that there is copper toxicity when in fact I think its hiding and masking some very important deficiencies, zinc, copper and iron in the body.”

Copper toxicity will by its very nature lead to a zinc deficiency because there is a correct balance between zinc and copper in the body. When there is too much copper, there will be a relative deficiency of zinc. This in turn affects digestion (excess copper overwhelms the zinc that is needed to make stomach acid) and immune response; which will affect a lot of skin issues that are from too little zinc relative to the amount of copper in the body. So that is the first deficiency.

The second deficiency occurs as the copper toxicity creates copper deficiency because of the lack of the protein, ceruloplasmin. As high levels of unusable copper and very low levels of usable copper occur (with a lack of this protein); the metabolic deficiency of copper then leads to number 3, iron deficiency.

Copper Dysregulation Symptoms

Morley Robbins believes that there are very few people who don’t have some kind of copper dysregulation. He says, “I would bet it’s probably in the 90% range.”

Some classic signs of copper dysregulation are the inability to lose weight, having low blood sugar, chronic UTI’s, craving carbohydrates, acne, high blood pressure or headaches, especially migraines.

Wired and Tired

A lot of people experience what’s called a ‘wired and tired’ state where their mind can’t shut down, but they’re exhausted in their body. That’s probably the most notable complaint that people have from copper dysregulation.

Dark Circles Under Eyes

Often the first thought when dark circles appear under the eyes is liver congestion. Consider that this is actually a result of a build-up of unbound copper and iron in the liver and it expresses itself as dark circles under the eyes.

Again, this is from too much unbound copper which is preventing the liver from producing the protein that it needs - ceruloplasmin.

Hormonal Imbalance

People have been conditioned to believe that their hormone imbalance is caused by hormones. In fact, hormonal imbalance is completely related to the imbalance of zinc and copper. Copper, along with other minerals like zinc, helps maintain optimal hormonal gland function. When blood copper levels are low hormone levels fall. It takes copper to make the enzyme that makes estrogen and it takes zinc to make progesterone.

Wrinkles & Saggy Skin

Wrinkling and sagging skin is one of the signs of copper deficiency. Expensive copper peptides are now being sold for the improvement of aging skin. In addition there is also much interest in salicylic acid as a skin rejuvenator.

CopperOn contains both ingredients and can be used as long-term treatment to prevent, reduce or manage aging skin and wrinkles.

Gadi Borkow’s paper in 2014, “Using Copper to Improve the Well-Being of the Skin”, referenced many studies connecting copper to great skin health. This includes wrinkle reduction, better elasticity, and healing wounds and skin issues, like athlete’s foot.

The review also referenced a 2009 study as still being valid for copper and skin. In this study, copper reduced the risks of bacterial and fungal infections in diabetics. It also helped chronic ulcers.

CopperOn - The Perfect Copper Salicylate Complex

Copper complexes are highly effective anti-inflammatory agents. Copper salicylate is remarkably stable and does not change the chemistry of the blood or liver as most other copper supplements do.

Dr John R.J. Sorenson at the University of Arkansas has done most of the pioneering research work on copper complexes. In one of his publications he states that with the exception of Wilson's disease, there are no chronic degenerative diseases in man known to result from non-industrial exposure to copper.

Copper salicylate has a stronger anti-inflammatory effect than cortisone but without the side effects.

Because copper salicylate cannot be patented it is not widely used. However, there exist several patents regarding the application of salicylates to the skin in combination with other ingredients.

The copper-zinc enzyme Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) is one of the most important antioxidants and inflammation fighters produced in the body to protect cells from oxidation damage by free-radicals. Many copper complexes and in particular copper salicylate, demonstrate SOD activity. For this reason they have sometimes been called ‘SOD-mimetics’ because they protect cells in a similar way as SOD.

Copper salicylate has a stronger anti-inflammatory effect than cortisone but without the side effects.

Glutathione is another important cellular antioxidant. Copper salicylate has a positive effect on the glutathione status of the liver, and it has been found that this could be achieved with either oral or topical application.

Dr Werner Hangerter, head of medicine at the University of Kiel, successfully used copper salicylates for over 20 years with more than 1100 patients with rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. In his study, of 620 patients with rheumatoid arthritis 65% became free of pain and other symptoms, and another 23% improved significantly, only 12% remained unchanged. With acute rheumatic fever 100% became symptom free. Even short-term treatment of rheumatoid arthritis resulted in long-term remissions or improvements when using copper salicylate.

CopperOn is Formulated and bottled in Australia!

Is MTHFR A Gene Mutation?

Methylation is a chemical process that can either turn a gene, enzyme, or receptor on or off. Methylation affects the body’s natural detoxification process, controlling oxidation, immune function including autoimmunity, formation of neurotransmitters, energy production, inflammation and a host of other critical functions. Some people are poor methylators and require extra nutrients such as copper, zinc and magnesium to keep the methylation cycle running smoothly, and deficiencies of nutrients can contribute to poor methylation.

Copper and Methylation:

There seems to be a dramatic increase in the number of people being diagnosed with MTHFR (methyl transferase) and the whole dynamic of transcription errors. People are being conditioned to believe that this is a gene mutation.

In every case, copper is essential in the functioning of the methyl transferase enzyme. The whole creation of MTHFR requires copper.

 It is important to understand that there is a lot of psychodrama out there about MTHFR but the foundation of it is missing minerals. Be very mindful of the fact that copper is missing, zinc is missing, magnesium is missing, B vitamins are missing, there are other essential minerals that might be missing as well, but do not suddenly think that you have a gene mutation when in fact you probably have a mineral deficiency and particularly a copper deficiency which is at the very root of all methyl transferase activity.

Zinc and Methylation:

Zinc plays a significant role in methyltransferase, which are a large group of enzymes that are essential to the processes of the methylation cycle. Zinc is present in the cell nucleus and chromosomes. Zinc stabilizes the structure of DNA, RNA and ribosomes. Numerous enzymes associated with DNA and RNA synthesis are also zinc metalloenzymes, including RNA polymerase.

Magnesium and Methylation:

Magnesium is a cofactor in the processes of the methylation cycle AT1A – this gene produces S-adeno yl methionine, or Sam-e, which has bee

shown to improve depression, osteoporosis and liver health. Glutathione Synthetase – the process coded for this gene creates the body’s master antioxidant, glutathione, which helps protect other tissues and DNA from damage.

TranZinc Anelectic Infrared Formula

Every drop of TranZinc contains a pure Zinc-Boron crystal which is absorbed through the skin into the blood. TranZinc is a miraculous, all-natural treatment that provides healing and relief when applied to desired areas of the body. As a

liquid, it absorbs directly into the skin and penetrates deeply to eradicate

unwanted pathogens; bacteria, fungus, viruses and parasites.

Dr. L.E. Schweitzer was an inspired chemist who created the original formula as a mineral biological toxic. This means that it is a mineral formula that has been prepared in such a way as to have the effect of destroying gram-positive or anaerobic organisms, such as infectious bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungus. This formula has been sold throughout the world since early 1900’s and it is not a drug or synthetic petrochemical


Recognized as a natural and holistic solution that provides blood purification, treating burns, acne, scarring and rashes and many other uses including: feminine hygiene, athlete's foot, ulcers and varicose veins.

This wonderful mineral product provides a simple and effective multi-purpose health solution to various ailments. It was medically administered by doctors as a disinfectant to treat chronic infections, strengthen the immune system while helping to regulate the heart, brain, kidneys, and other important organs.

TranZinc is a time tested formula produced according to the original crystalline method.

Zinc is widely used to help reduce the duration of colds and harmful bacteria like streptococci. It is also used as a wound agent to promote accelerated healing on the skin.

TranZinc Healing Solution

¨    Repairs damagedskin

¨    Acne & Skineruptions

¨    ReducesScars

¨    Eczema &Psoriasis

¨    Eliminatesgerms

¨    Purifiesbloodstream

¨    BalancespH

¨    Sore Throat

¨    StomachUlcers

¨    Ulcers

¨    VaricoseVeins

¨    BoostsImmunity

¨    Eyeissues

¨    Athlete’sfoot

¨    Hemorrhoids

¨    Gum Problems & OralCare

¨    EarProblems

¨    Soothes Burns & Sunburn

¨    Rashes, Hives, Poison Ivy

¨     Insect Bites

¨    Nail Fungus

¨    Bruises

¨    Yeast Infection

¨    Venereal Disease

TranZinc Crystalline Formula is anelectric; meaning it generates infra-red heat caused by negative ions travelling at the speed of light. These are non-frictional betionic, wet electrons. TranZinc is a true osmotic solution. This is the secret of the amazing healing and preventative powers of the TranZinc formula.

A Multipurpose Healing Solution

It is a universal disinfectant which controls microorganisms (germs) but does not destroy normal cells and tissue. Known as a universal solvent which helps to thin and purify the bloodstream; yet non-toxic, non-irritating and soothing to delicate mucus membranes. It has been proven to stimulate tissue growth and assists nature in restoring normal function. It is the original transdermalformula; a truly miraculous solution that can provide healing and relief when applied onto the skin and/or used internally.

TranZinc Formula 

is a proprietary crystalline form of zinc/boron/salicylate suspended in distilled water.

A Multipurpose Healing Solution

A very important trace mineral involved in at least 100 enzyme systems in the brain alone; is known to influence mental and emotional function and deficiency is known to cause depression.

TranZinc is Formulated With Three Essential Trace Elements

Zinc: A fundamental nutrient in supporting proper neurological as well as body functions, and present in all human cells and tissues, Zinc is

required to manufacture enzymes that preserve the skin, strengthen the immune system, aids digestion, metabolizes fat, proteins, and carbohydrates while helping to regulate the heart, brain, kidneys, and other important organs. Zinc is needed for immune function, wound healing, blood clotting, thyroid function, and much more.

Boron: Due to soil depletion this trace mineral is largely missing from our natural food sources. This trace mineral has been linked to providing relief from pain and is used medically to help alleviate arthritic symptoms like inflammation and immobility. It has been found to have the ability to strengthen bone density and is given to help sufferers of osteoporosis. Conversely, lack of boron has been linked to receding of the gum lines and tooth decay. Medical experts believe that boron has the ability to prevent allergies by killing the inflammatory bodies responsible for inducing allergic symptoms.

Salicylate: This is a naturally occurring chemical produced by plants that help to protect them against disease, highly concentrated in a range of fruits and vegetables and is commonly known as the active ingredient in the drug aspirin. Foods sources rich in salicylate are peppers, berries, tomatoes and basil. Salicylate has been documented to provide relief from pain and injury, as well as reduce fever and skin inflammation.

How to Use TranZinc:

Do Not Let The Formula Come In Contact With Metal.

Make sure to use glass or plastic for pouring and/or measuring.

TranZinc will lose about 95% of its healing properties if it comes into contact with metal so plastic spoons, and also remember to take your rings off when rubbing it onto your body.

Transdermal Technology Splash It On!

When used externally it soothes burns, cuts, blisters, rashes, hives, poison ivy, insect bites, eczema, psoriasis, nail fungus, athletes foot etc. It also repairs damaged skin such as scarring and acne. Plus it underarm odour, so spray it under your arms. Reduces varicose veins, bruises, hemorrhoids, and takes the sting out of sunburns.

Every drop of the liquid contains a pure zinc-boron-salicylate crystal, which is absorbed through the skin into the blood and tissue. There are thousands of pores on every square centimetre of your skin which absorb directly into the bloodstream and lymphatic system. Transdermal applications of nutrients bypass the digestive system and convey active ingredients directly into the body where they are needed most.

Internal Uses:

For internal use, start with just 1 tsp. in a small amount of water.

Make sure to use glass or plastic for pouring and/or measuring, NO METAL.

TranZinc will lose about 95% of its healing properties if it comes into contact with metal so pour directly into a glass and add water or use a plastic or wooden spoon.

TranZinc can be used internally as a mouthwash, ease earaches, feminine hygiene as a douche, digestive disorders, venereal diseases, purifying blood and normalizing pH balance.

We have found it’s best to dilute TranZinc with distilled water when using this as a mouthwash, feminine wash or taking it internally.

TranZinc Formula Is 100% Natural and Recognized As:

1. Universal Disinfectant - controls microbes, but does not destroy normal cells and tissue.

2. Universal Solvent - helps to purify the bloodstream.

3. It is non-irritating to delicate mucous membranes, and it assists in soothing these membranes. It penetrates each layer of skin to eradicate unwanted micro- organisms.

4. It is non-toxic and odourless. It works as a deodorant, alkalizes, assists nature to restore normal function.

5. It is pH balancing, anti-inflammatory, improves detoxification of cells and tissues.

TranZinc Formula Is a Historical Remedy

TranZinc Formula was known early in the 20th century as a mineral biological toxic; meaning that it is a mineral formula prepared in such a way as to have the effect of destroying gram-positive or anaerobic organisms, such as infectious bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungus without harming healthy tissues.

Stops Unhealthy Germs without Causing Mutations

Doctors know that antiseptics and antibiotics kill germs and healthy cells of the human body, resulting in new unhealthy germs, which the antibiotics cannot kill. There is a widespread acceptance of Biological Pleomorphism, which is the activity of a germ changing to a new form, to adapt to its new environment. Thus, when one changes the cellular environment with antibiotics, new germs develop in new qualities and virulence that increase the problem. In addition, because the healthy cells of the body are killed and depleted, as well as the unhealthy ones, important healthy flora levels are depleted, causing repeated infections to become more likely.

TranZinc Formula 

stops the growth of anaerobic bacteria, fungi and viruses because it is a true disinfectant!

Increases Capillary Growth

Laboratory analysis indicated a positive increase in phagocytic cell activity in destruction of bacteria and other foreign substances, without any harm to surrounding tissue. Increases in fibroblastic and lymphocytic activity with increased epithelial cell growth, resulting in rapid healing of injured tissue, has also been observed.

Rejuvenation & Beautification Effects

TranZinc formula aids in the rebuilding and restructuring of tissues during the “healing crisis” and “genetic restructuring”. It penetrates through the skin and increases the oxygenation metabolic function.

Use it on your face to smooth out wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, and maintain the ecology of your skin!


For over 95 years in the use of the TranZinc formula, no contraindications have ever been observed.

TranZinc is Formulated and bottled in Australia!

Miracle Mist™

This special proprietary formula contains premium magnesium chloride, distilled MSM and pure boron in distilled water which is then structured and dynamically enhanced.

Why Magnesium?

Magnesium chloride is well known as the miracle mineral because of its healing effect on such a vast range of diseases as well as in its ability to rejuvenate the aging body and is renowned as natures great stress reliever.

Magnesium is one of the most vital mineral nutrients and requires replenishing daily.

  •  “Nothing short of a miracle mineral in its healing effect on a wide range of diseases, as well as its ability to rejuvenate the aging body.” - Walter Last

  •  “Magnesium is essential for the survival of our cells but takes on further importance now where our bodies are being bombarded on a daily basis with heavy metals and radiation.” - Dr Fisher

  •  “Most doctors are wary of supplements that come with promises and miracle stories. Fortunately, magnesium comes with scientific evidence that dwarfs the evidence presented for so many top-selling prescription drugs.” – Dr Jay S Cohen MD

Do I Need Magnesium?

Most people need more magnesium, due to soil erosion and water treatment it is now impossible to eat your way out of a magnesium deficiency. “Virtually every known disease is associated with magnesium deficiency, including asthma, hypertension, cancer, diabetes, migraine, allergies, myocardial (heart) and depression.” – Dr Norman Shealy MD., Ph.D

Factors that deplete magnesium

  • stress, nervousness and anxiety
  • heavy exercise
  • eating wheat, flour, sugar and processed foods
  • drinking alcohol, coffee, soda pop
  • birth control pills
  • taking prescription drugs or calcium supplements
  • heavy metal toxicity
  • fluoridated, chlorinated and softened water

    Signs of magnesium deficiency include:

  • constantly feeling tired
  • aches and pains
  • inability to lose weight
  • lack of concentration and poor memory
  • trouble with fertility
  • cannot cope with stress

What Is Miracle Mist™?

Miracle Mist magnesium oil is a premium quality liquid concentration of raw magnesium flake sourced from an ancient mineral deposit at the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is legendary for an extremely high content of salts and minerals that endow its waters. It is renowned for its curative powers and therapeutic qualities recognized since the days of Herod the Great, more than 2000 years ago.

Miracle Mist™ provides a magnesium mineral matrix formula in ionic solution. Ingredients are carefully selected for quality, purity and potency to provide your body, skin and cells with essential core minerals. Our Dead Sea premium grade magnesium chloride is harvested by utilizing natural solar energy that evaporates the water, naturally concentrating the salt to a level much higher than you will typically find in other brands.

Pure & Fortified

Miracle Mist™ is fortified with pure MSM crystal (methylsulfhonylmethane) and a touch of boron. MSM is an organic sulphur natural food supplement, essential for the health of all body systems; including younger looking skin, healthy hair and nails. MSM is critical to the formulation

of connective tissue and widely used to alleviate inflammation and arthritic pain. Boron is an essential trace mineral which enables the body to hold and retain minerals. It is also noted for its hormonal regulating factors.

Transdermal - Skin Absorption

Absorption through the skin (transdermal) is the fastest and safest way to increase magnesium levels. Most magnesium in oral supplements is lost through the digestive process, is often in a form that has poor bioavailability and can create a laxative effect before the body has even absorbed enough of it.

With transdermal application the body instantly absorbs what it needs.

Miracle Mist™ provides immediate benefits and is the quickest way to restore your magnesium levels.

Miracle Mist™ can assist with:

  • relief of pain & swollen joints
  • burning fats and carbohydrates
  • better sleep & awaken feeling refreshed
  • increasing happiness & wellbeing
  • balancing hormones & increasing DHEA (anti-aging hormone)
  • boosting energy & reducing fatigue
  • relief of depression, anxiety & irritability
  • prevention of heart disease & cancer
  • detoxification & neutralization of toxins
  • reverse signs of aging
  • stronger bones, teeth & hair
  • smoother softer skin & rid blemishes

Miracle Mist™ helpful hints:

  • increase sexual energy & erectile function
  • instant relief of muscle cramps & spasms
  • calms the central nervous system
  • repair nerve damage & relieve sciatic pain
  • increase muscle tone & stamina
  • improve digestion & absorption of nutrients
  • improve healing time from injuries
  • boosting immune system & fight infections
  • reducing migraines & headaches
  • lowering blood pressure & cholesterol
  • regulation of insulin & blood sugar levels
  • increasing lifespan & quality of life

  • Applying Miracle Mist onto a muscle cramp can provide instant relief.
  • Massaging Miracle Mist into sore aching muscles and joints will often give quick relief from pain; including arthritic and fibromyalgia pain as well.
  • Using a hot wet compress on top of the application enhances absorption.
  • Use twice daily on wrinkled skin and you’ll be amazed as your skin smoothes and the wrinkles fade away! Many have found that with regular application their age spots disappeared too!
  • Rubbing Miracle Mist daily into scar tissue will often cause the tissue to return into normal tissue. Customers are also thrilled to discover that with twice daily application skin tags will eventually drop off.
  • Regular spraying of Miracle Mist on sun-damaged skin will rejuvenate the skin.
  • Rinsing your mouth with Miracle Mist in water can disinfect, freshen breath, improve gum tissue strength and whiten teeth too.

Magnesium is an essential mineral in your body and is needed for your bone, protein and fatty acid formation. Magnesium is also crucial in creating new cells, activating your B vitamins, relaxing your muscles and clotting your blood..

Miracle Mist™ is Formulated and bottled in Australia!

What Is DNA

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is the basis of life on earth. The function of DNA is to store all the genetic information, which an organism needs to develop, function and reproduce. It is essentially a biological instruction manual found in every cell. The cells in our body are constantly being replaced by new cells. DNA is the body’s genetic code, used in the building of proteins and providing the correct information in the production of cells.

Biophotons and DNA

Current research is revealing that DNA holds and transmits “light” information. All living cells of plants, animals and human beings emit biophotons which cannot be seen by the naked eye but can be measured by special equipment developed by German researchers. Research as described in the August 15 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, has now proven that macromolecules within living cells, such as DNA, RNA, and proteins, do in fact emit light.

As the Human Genome Project (NIH, 2003) ended in 2003, it was determined that only 1% of DNA sequences are translated into proteins (20 000 to 25 000 human genes). The remaining 99% of the genome has been qualified as “junk- DNA”. September 2012, scientists suggested that over 80% of the genome serves some biochemical purpose. Recently biophysicists demonstrated the vibrating behaviour of the “Junk-DNA” as the major source of ultra-weak light emission, also called biophotons. Furthermore, biologists and linguists from Harvard have shown that “junk-DNA” has all the features of human language.

Although this might sound like fiction, more researchers are looking specifically at the “junk-DNA”, neuronal structures and biophoton emission because they offer much more legitimate explanations for the expression of consciousness (Grass, Klima, & Kasper, 2004). After several independent studies demonstrated that living cells do not just radiate light, they also absorb light, scientists are now investigating the existence of a new form of communication using light. Such as cell to cell communication by the means of light was first noticed by Gurwitsh in 1926 in onion (Gurwitsch, 1934)

The existence of biophotons is now largely accepted by the scientific community.

Biophotons could offer that supplementary signalling pathway next to electrical and chemical pathways for extrtra- and intercellular communication (Popp & Zhang, Mechanism of interaction between electromagnetic fields and living organisms, 2000; Shen, Mei, & Xu, 1994).

It has been shown that the major source of biophotons is the DNA. The first supporting fact is that, cells emit biophotons even when the cytoplasm is damaged, however when the nuclei is removed, biophoton emission stops. Another supporting fact is that, ethidium bromide destroying the DNA also reduces the emission (Popp, Nagl, Li, Scholz, Weingartner, & Wolf, 1984; Popp, About the coherence of biophotons, 1998). Their research clearly demonstrates that the health of the organism can be determined by the intensity of the biophotonic emissions. Fritz-Albert Popp’s biophoton theory leads to many startling insights into the life processes and may well provide one of the major elements of a future theory of life and holistic medical practice based on such an approach.

DNA Restoration, Activation & Protection Specifics

Copper: According to Alex Collier copper can unlock cellular memory and activate dormant DNA. In consideration of the “junk-DNA” light emitting capacity, it is worth considering that copper (electrically conductive) could indeed play a key role in activating the dormant DNA (“junk-DNA”) – just as Alex suggests.

As discussed earlier, copper is essential for methylation status, gene mutations, MTHFR, and also the associated neurological and mental/behavioural disorders that may ensue. (1)

Copper is a natural component of the cell nuclei and is critical for DNA binding and repair. It also plays a key role in structural organization and function of chromosomes. It is one of the most abundant transition metals found in living systems, and is an integral component of many enzymes; superoxide dismutase (SOD), ceruloplasmin, tyrosinase, etc (2)

Zinc: Zinc plays a role in antioxidant defence and DNA repair, structure and stabilization. Zinc is crucial for a wide range of processes like healing wounds, synthesizing proteins and DNA, and the division of cells. Zinc is known to be an essential component of DNA-binding proteins, as well as copper/zinc superoxide dismutase and several proteins involved in DNA repair. (3, 4, 5)

Magnesium: Magnesium protects our DNA. The ability for magnesium to stabilize DNA is dependent upon the amount available. At high concentrations there is an accumulation of magnesium binding, which provides stability and protection, while at low concentration there is deficiency and destabilization of DNA. The biological and clinical consequences of low concentrations of magnesium are DNA cleavage leading to diseases and cancer. (6) If you want to give your baby healthy genes, magnesium’s role in DNA is essential, as genetic scientist Dr. Andrea Hartwig explains: “Besides its stabilizing effect on DNA and chromatin structure, magnesium is an essential cofactor in almost all enzymatic systems involved in DNA processing. (7)

Dynamically Enhanced® Nutrition

All Miracle Products are Dynamically Enhanced® using proprietary advanced technology. Our Tesla Scalar Vortex generator produces Infrared - Quantum Sound with 528 Hz & Inert Noble Gasses, each known to provide specific information and beneficial resonant health effects.

John Stuart Reid (a pioneer in acoustic research and cymatic measurements) has proven that 528 is essential to the sacred geometry of circles and spirals consistent with DNA structuring and hydrosonic restructuring. 528Hz frequency is utilised by bio-chemists to initiate repair of damaged DNA and is known as the “Transformation and Miracle” frequency.

Biochemist Steve Chemiski found that the 6 sided clear clusters that support the DNA double helix vibrate at the specific frequency 528 Hz. Restoring DNA to its original, near-perfect state through resonance of the essential 528Hz vibrational effect creates profound benefit: increased life force energy, clarity of mind, awareness, activation of creativity and ecstatic states like deep inner peace.

There are incredible benefits from this energy when carried into cells by Dynamically Enhanced® supplements. Scalar enhancement is known to strengthen DNA bonds making it more resistant to damage, cleanse the blood, fortify the immune system and restore overall vitality. In addition, Scalar energy has other amazing properties. It can cancel out the harmful effects of radiation such as computers, microwaves, other appliances and the damaging electromagnetic fields cause by 5G.

Amazingly, once a supplement has been Dynamically Enhanced® the effects can actually grow stronger weeks or even months after being embedded. The effects are so powerful that it has even been shown to repair itself. Scalar restores coherence, even after disruptive exposure to radiation, like X rays and 5G.

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