How To Test Your Body’s PH (Saliva & Urine)

What Are Saliva Test Strips?

pH Test strips are an easy home system & economical way to measure the pH of both urine & saliva.

How Do I Use Them?


First thing in the morning or preferably after 6+ hours of sleep, grab one test stick. 

Testing With Urine: Either urinate directly on the paper or collect urine in acup and dip the paper into the urine in the cup.

Testing With Saliva: (if you can’t go 6 hours without urinating) rinse yourmouth with water, spit it out into the sink, and spit again. Now, collect somesaliva in a spoon and moisten the paper in the saliva or suck on the pHstick for about 20 seconds.

Do not eat, drink or brush your teeth before the test.


First thing in the morning or preferably after 6+ hours of sleep, grab one test stick. 

As the test paper is moistened, it will take on a colour. The colour relates to theacid or alkaline state of your urine or saliva and ranges from yellow to darkblue.Match the colour of your test strip with the chart provided on the test kit.

ACID: A number below 7 means that your urine is more acidic. Therefore,the lower the number the more acidic the condition. 

NEUTRAL: Seven indicates a neutral state, which is neither acid noralkaline and is fine. 

ALKALINE: The ideal urine reading should range from 6.5 to 7.5. Salivareadings should be 7.5+.

If your readings are somewhere around these levels it is safe to say the bloodis at the 7.35 to 7.45 mark. And that is brilliant, exactly where you want to be!

Tips & Tricks

When testing urine, let some urine flow before testing, as this will give amore reliable and average reading.

When testing saliva, it’s good to test either one hour before or two hoursafter eating throughout the day.

If testing your saliva, it is a good idea to try to fill your mouth with salivaand then swallow. This helps remove any acidic bacteria that might belurking. Do not try to wash your mouth out with anything else, as this will simplyrecord the pH of the liquid you have just used. 

It is also a good idea to test 2-3 times in a day in order to get an averagereading and enable you to test the effects of your diet. 

Please note: When testing first thing in the morning, your body hasretained fluids over a long period of time and it will normally be acidicdue to cleansing and repairing throughout the night. So testing 2-3 timesover the course of the day is the best way to ensure an average result.

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